Monday, December 16, 2013

The Melting Fairy - (Beta) Debut Box!

Back in early November I was contacted by a new company called The Melting Fairy.  They were starting up a new monthly subscription box program for wax tarts.  Well, hello?!  Of course this is right up my alley!  They asked me if I'd be interested, during their beta test phase, in a complimentary three month subscription in return for feedback, and reviews and mentions here on the blog.  I said sure!

In this program, you get to pick five scents from their growing scent list.  You will then get two 1 oz. tarts in the scents you picked.  You get to pick different scents each month.  You also get 2 oz. of whatever that month's custom blend is.  I think that one is a surprise each month.  I don't remember seeing anything about what December's scent would be when I was picking my other scents.  The cost is $14.50 each month, and that includes shipping.

I still don't know anything about this company.  I don't even know the owner's name.  I don't know if this is someone brand new to wax, or a seasoned veteran kicking around a new project.  No name is given in emails, other than The Melting Fairy.  There is no 'About Us' information on the website.  There is a Twitter account but very few tweets, and no Facebook or anything else. 

This first box was delayed due the winter weather that hit down around Texas, and there was a lack of information and contact because The Melting Fairy was without internet during this stormy time.  But the box arrived today and all of my 'What's going on?' concerns flew right out of my head.  Yay!

The box seemed tiny when I pulled it out of my mailbox, but they have it stuffed to the max.  There is a little basic information card included, some wax safety things, and description of the month's custom blend.

And then I was yanking out the tarts to get my very first look at them, and to see what scents I had picked.  The scent list at this early stage is by no means huge, but there were still plenty of choices to be able to find scents I actually wanted.  I had no idea what type of tarts they'd be either, so this was very exciting to finally be able to see them.

I'll do some quick cold sniff first thoughts on the scents I picked . . .

Chai Tea - 'This scent is a complex and calming blend of creamy soy milk, green tea, spicy cinnamon bark, and light nutmeg notes.'
When I saw Chai Tea on the scent list I knew I had to have it.  This is a nice one, strong on the tea but still has a bit of creaminess from the milk.
Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee - 'This scent is a nutty vanilla laced sweet coffee fragrance, perfect for the cold fall and winter months!'
Love me some coffee scents!  This one is strong on the nutty note, lots of vanilla, but almost no coffee note on cold sniff.  It's still quite yummy though, and maybe that coffee note will come through when warmed.
Hot Cranberry Tea - 'This scent has base notes of vanilla and amber, and top notes of white flower, ylang ylang, bergamot, and cranberry. Perfect for a cold winter night of relaxation!'
This one sounded so interesting, and since it was November when I picked my scents, I was all about cranberry.  Seems crazy that I would pick this, seeing all those things like amber and bergamot that I'm not generally a fan of.  I guess the cranberry and vanilla overruled them.  And I'm so glad I picked it because, wow, this scent is amazing.  You definitely get the cranberry right off the bat, but there is all kinds of busy work happening behind that.  It's sort of perfume-y, sort of spicy.  It's just interestingly good!
Peppermint Fluff - 'This scent is a fun and fluffy pepperminty scent with notes of vanilla marshmallows, violet and white florals, and huckleberries.'
Since this is a December box, I knew I had to get some Christmas/winter scents.  I wasn't too sure about the florals and berries in this otherwise beloved scent but I had to give it a shot.  Not sure how I feel about this on cold sniff.  There is some definite sweet floral action in this one.  The familiar peppermint-marshmallow is very soft in the background.  I don't know about this one.
Eggnog - 'This scent is an exact eggnog scent. This fragrance is a creamy blend of buttercream vanilla with the perfect balance of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove.'
Gotta have the Eggnog scent at Christmas!  This one doesn't mention rum, which I always think of when I think of eggnog.  Hmmm.  On cold sniff this doesn't even have that 'nog' note that I've talked about a couple times in tart reviews.  If I didn't know this was supposed to be eggnog, I don't think I'd ever guess it.  There is a creaminess but there is quite a lot of spice.  Still a nice warm, bakery-ish scent, but just not like any eggnog scent I'm used to.
Hansel & Gretel's Cinnamon Buttercream Cookie Crumbles - 'A blend of gingerbread house, cinnamon buttercream, and our sugar cookie crumbles!'

This is the custom scent for December, and I was surprised to see it in colorful chunk form.  There are two chunks like this in the package.  Sadly, they got quite banged up in transit.  The wax in these is very soft, and there was a lot of crumbling.  All the crumbs and pieces will melt just fine in the end but it was sad to see these little gems get mooshed.  As for the scent, OMG . . . yum?!  You get the cinnamon buttercream right away but almost instantly you notice a combination of warm yummy cookie notes from the gingerbread and the sugar cookies.  This is a delicious blend that needs to stay on their scent list!!

Apple Butter Pie - 'This scent will remind you of your grandma’s freshly baked apple pie! Tart apples, apple butter, sweet milk, cinnamon, and pie crust make up this fragrance.'

I was so surprised to find there were also freebie extras in this package.  Thank you, Melting Fairy!!!  This one might get saved until next fall because that's when I prefer to melt apple scents.  There is something almost perfume-y in this scent because the apples are so sweet and tart.  There are some pie notes and soft spice lightly in the background but you're first whammed in the nostrils by that uber bright and perky apple note.

Reindeer Poop - 'This scent smells nothing like its namesake! Reindeer Poop is a woody scent with notes of eucalyptus, pine, ceder wood, and geranium along with top notes of apples and pears which give it a fresh appeal.'
Nearly every vendor has this scent at this time of year.  I've never tried it though because I'm not big on woody scents and was just never sure what to expect.  Well now that I have it I would like to say that all sexy men should smell like Reindeer Poop.  LOL!!!!!  Seriously, my very first thought with this was 'Mmm, sexy cologne!'  Reading that description, that seems bizarre but -omg- the sweetness and the wood notes and whatever else is in there just blend so well into a very masculine scent.  I'm not sure how I'll feel about scenting my house with this, but I might keep the tart handy and rub it on hubby when he walks by.  Mmmm.
And that is the debut box in the brand new Melting Fairy subscription program.  The scents on cold sniff are quite strong but not overpowering.  I can't wait to start melting these and see how they do.  I really hope they're strong because I'm already looking forward to next month's box!
If you're interested in signing up for this program, head over to The Melting Fairy website for more information.  And stay tuned for my individual Melted reviews once I start melting these.


  1. Awesome! This looks like fun! Your special blend has me drooling. Lol @ rubbing reindeer poop on the hubs! I do enjoy reindeer poop in the bathroom. I am going to check this out. The mysteriousness of the Fairy has me intruiged.

    1. I had him sniff it and asked if he thought it was cologne-y. He said it was nice but thought it might be more feminine than masculine. I was like "What?!" He laughed at me wanting to rub it on him.


  2. Ok. I did it. I subscribed but didn't see where to put my choices so I just emailed it? I picked the cranberry tea since you liked it, chai tea, fairy land, sugar cookies, mrs. Claus cookies. There really wasn't too much info on the page but I did find an email address. Thanks Deb! I am excited and look forward to hearing what you think :-)

    1. I'm excited that you signed up! I don't remember for sure where it was that I picked my choices. Maybe the selections aren't open yet for the January box? Let me know if you hear anything.