Sunday, December 29, 2013

Watched - Insidious: Chapter 2

Insidious: Chapter 2
PG-13, 106 minutes

'The haunted Lambert family seeks to uncover the mysterious childhood secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world.'

I don't remember being overly impressed with the first Insidious movie (can't even find a review of it here on my blog), so I'm not sure why I felt the need to watch this second one.  Ha, yeah, that's 106 minutes I'll never get back.

I thought this movie sucked, and didn't make a whole lot of sense.  It's funny though, because the bits of flashback to the first movie made *that* one seem really creepy and good.  Now I want to see the first one again.  LOL

Anyway, in the first movie, the boy had ventured too far into the weird world he could go to while asleep, and had become lost.  This was allowing spirits and demons to try and claim his 'empty' sleeping body.  A paranormal expert helped the dad go into this other world and bring the son back, but at the very end of that first movie it appeared the dad had now become possessed and killed that paranormal lady.

Now in the second movie, the wife is afraid of her husband because she saw something at the very end of the first of the movie that seems to prove he did it.  He insists it wasn't him and that he's fine.  While the police are investigating the murder of the old woman, this family has to move out of their house for a few days and ends up moving back to the guy's mom's house . . . his childhood home where all the creepiness started in the first place.

And sure enough, creepy things are still happening.  The wife and the mom know something's not right.  Then it just gets all weird and seemingly unrelated.  I understand the Psycho-ish story of the boy killing for his crazy mother, but what does that have to do with this story?  What does all the overlapping in time and revisiting things from the first movie (although that was interesting, in a way) have to do with this creepy pyscho lady ghost?  I mean, I understand they had to track down the origins of the lady and her son and that was how to stop her, but it didn't really seem to fit with anything from the first movie, with the whole 'astral projection' adventure into a different world.  The creepy things in here weren't creepy.  The cheesy bits of comedy were just stupid and out of place.  I don't know, it was just a whole disconnected mess.



  1. Thanks for the review. I haven't seen this one yet. I did enjoy Insidious, though. In general, I'm not a fan of mixing comedy with horror. One or the other seems to be really bad to me.
    Been waiting for another one of your movie reviews so I could suggest talhotblond to you. It's a crime documentary. If you haven't seen it yet, give it a try. (Sorry if you've already reviewed it on here - I haven't had the chance yet to scroll through all of them.)

    1. Had never heard of that one but just looked it up and I need to see it! I love true crime stuff. I'm addicted to the show Snapped. Netflix has two versions of 'talhotblond' though.....which do you recommend? Or maybe I'll just add both to my list.


    2. I recommend the 2009 one. (I think there is a 2012 one that was made for TV.) I really enjoyed it, Deb. Based on the reviews I have seen on here, I think you'd like it, too.
      I love me some Snapped, LOL. I'll have some other recs for you later if you ever want them.

    3. Would love recommendations. Thanks!


  2. OK - here are a few. I tried not to duplicate any of the ones you've reviewed on here before. And yeah - I lean toward dark and disturbing as far as movies go. So please keep that in mind!
    *Session 9 - Love this movie. The ending was gratuitous and unnecessary IMO. I love this for the psychological aspect and the question of 'what would a normal person do under extreme stress?'
    *Tale of Two Sisters - Korean with subtitles. Can be confusing. I had to watch this one 3 times to fully "get it."
    *Secrets of the Dead Season 1, Ep. 10 "Executed In Error"
    *American Experience: Triangle Fire (2011) - a PBS documentary.
    *North Country - fictionalized account of a true story. Not horror, but good story.
    * Old Boy - Korean with subtitles. This is more hard core stuff.
    * Following - good little thriller, only 70 min long
    * The Perfect Host - Was hilarious to me. David Hyde Pierce's walk is worth the watch.
    * Stoic - another hard core one, but for other reasons. This one is hard to watch because it deals with how cruel humans can be to each other. It's based on a true story, which is what I found fascinating. I also like director Uwe Boll and many do not. Keep that in mind if you decide to watch.
    * Dear Zachary - a true crime documentary (docs are my other passion). I'm not one to cry during movies. This movie made me cry.
    * The Cove - great doc about dolphins.
    * Man on Wire - not horror, but great doc. Man tightropes between the Twin Towers. It's more interesting than it sounds, LOL.
    * Dumplings - Asian "horror" film. I don't really consider this horror, but it is disturbing. Has subtitles.
    * The Man Who Wasn't There - gem from the Coen brothers.
    * Deep Water - doc about a boat race and the tragedy that ensues. It's more interesting than it sounds.
    I have more off the beaten path ones I can recommend, too, but this is a good list of some of my faves. I'm a huge movie addict - almost as much as I'm addicted to candles!
    Hope you find a few you can enjoy. Let me know!

    1. Thanks for the list. Not sure if I'd like any of these. I guess I'm more of a mainstream person. I don't watch many documentaries these days, especially if it's exposing scandals of the world type stuff. Not a fan of subtitles either. :(


    2. Oh shoots - hate I gave you a bunch not your type. I love finding great lesser talked about movies. I really got into docs when I decided to homeschool my teenage daughter - I preview them all before assigning to her. Dear Zachary is not one I'd let her watch, but I thoroughly enjoyed.

      If you ever decide to give any of these a try, I'd suggest Session 9. It stars David Caruso and has a lot of atmosphere.

      Wishing you a happy new year & the best in 2014!

    3. There are some I might still check out. And I just watched that 'talhotblond' documentary that you mentioned. Wow.....that was something! I don't know how to blog about that one without spoilers.


  3. Good! Glad you enjoyed that one. :)

    1. We just watched the movie version of 'talhotblond' last night. It was pretty good! I wasn't expecting much from a TV-movie version, but I liked seeing the story play out in an easier to follow way than the documentary had been.

      I liked them both though, and have been telling people at work 'You have to see talhotblond!' lol