Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Glade Wax Melts - New Scents

Now that the holidays are over I've been noticing some new 'everyday' scents popping up in the Glade section when I'm shopping.  And just a few minutes ago I got an email announcing four new scents, so while I was at the website to see what they were, I decided I'd just go ahead and do a post.

(Note - These might not be new Glade scents, but they are apparently new in tart form.)

Sunny Days - 'There’s nothing quite like feeling you get from a day spent relaxing in the sun. Let the perfect combination of citrus and floral notes help you turn any day into a sunny one. '
  • bergamot, sparkling orange, lemongrass, natural leafy green, crisp apple
  • melon, jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, peach
  • sheer woods, musk

Red Honeysuckle Nectar - 'Prepare for an uplifting experience. A rich bouquet perfumes the air with vibrant florals and positive vibes.'

  • apple, dewberry, blood orange, mango, nectarine, raspberry, strawberry
  • honeysuckle, lotus flower, muguet, freesia
  • violet, violet leaf
 Lavender Vanilla - 'Consider this your reminder to take a moment to take it easy. Unwind with the simple, soothing scent of relaxing lavender and warm vanilla.'
  • bergamot, fresh herbs, fruit blend
  • lavender, rose, jasmine
  • amber, vanilla, powder
Creamy Custard - 'Decadent. Delicious. Delightful. When the scent of whipped vanilla and white chocolate meet notes of buttercream and sugar, there’s simply no reason not to treat yourself. '
  • whipped vanilla, white chocolate
  • buttercream, custard, vanilla bean
  • spun sugar, crème brulee, warm vanilla

Let Loose - 'Spring days get a little brighter with the fresh tropical scents of mandarins, pineapples and oranges. Don’t be afraid to let this sun-kissed, fruity scent be your reminder to let loose, and live life with passion fruit.'
  • mango, grapefruit, mandarin
  • pineapple, apricot, yellow fruits, passion fruit
  • sweet musk, tuberose
Lift Off - 'Spring is in the air — and in your step! Floral scents of violet and jasmine meet peach and orange for an uplifting fragrance experience that’s sure to make your spirits soar.Available at limited retailers.'
  • orange, green tea, marine/water, fresh green, crisp ozone
  • rose, violet + jasmine, muguet, magnolia
  • musk, amber, peach, woods
Live Loud - 'Every day is the first day of spring when your home is filled with the invigorating scents of peonies and orange blossoms. This spring, let the fruity and floral enthusiasm of Glade® Live Loud™ inspire you to get out and make some noise.'
  • apple, orange, mandarin orange, pear, peach
  • peony, orange blossom, plumeria, muguet
  • musk, classic woods
Splash Out - 'Shed your winter layers and burst through the stimulating fragrance of spring. Hints of ripe berries and fruit meet sweet vanilla and cream for a fragrance you’ll love to get caught up in. Available at limited retailers.'
  • apple, sparkling champagne, orange, marine/water
  • strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, dewberry
  • apricot, vanilla, sweet & creamy
I've noticed some of the colorful ones at my Walmart but have not paused to sniff them or really take note of which ones are there.  These last four are limited edition scents.  I think out of all eight of these, Creamy Custard and Splash Out are the ones I'm most curious about.  And, as always, I bet some of these are Walmart exclusives and some are Target exclusives.  I'll have to take a closer look next time I do my shopping.
And I know there are people in the wax community who frown upon the retail brands, but I think there are plenty of people out there who do not order from private vendors and DO look forward to news about retails brands.  I enjoy buying from both worlds, and I enjoy blogging about both.

So, do any of these catch your eye?  There are always coupons for Glade products floating around, so you can try these for even cheaper.  Yeah!

[Photos and scent descriptions borrowed from the Glade website.  Coupons can also be found there.]


  1. Well said ;)

    I was in a daze the other day at Target and bypassed the home fragrance aisle, so I haven't seen if they have the new stuff yet. Sunny Days sounds nice.

    1. I didn't get a chance to really take note of things the next time I was back at Walmart but I did notice at least one that is not listed in these new scents. It was called Dig It, or something like that.

      I did not see the custard one at my store. That's the one I'd probably be most likely to get.