Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Read - Horizon

by Alyson Noel
318 pages

'Fate has bound them together—and torn them apart. Now Daire and Dace face one final fight that will seal their destiny forever.

Daire Santos is the last of the Soul Seekers, and the only thing standing between the Richters and the destruction of everyone she loves. With her grandmother gone and Cade back in Enchantment, Daire must finally step into her destiny and lead the fight against the Richters. But what if that means sacrificing the person she loves most?

Bound to the Richters by blood, Dace struggles against the darkness growing inside him that threatens to claim Daire too. Though Daire refuses to give up on him, the choice may not be hers. An epic battle is on the horizon and the end of the world looms near. With such insurmountable odds stacked against them, is their love really enough to conquer all?


This the fourth and final (I think?!) book in Alyson Noel's Soul Seekers series.  Although my interest in the series did slack off through the second and third books, I was still anxious to read this one and see how it would all be wrapped up.  My first impression was that I really didn't like this book or how things were handled in this epic 'battle to save the world.'  But I also recognize that my mind and heart weren't quite into this at this time.  I'd been sick, and other things were going on, so I do realize I was a bit impatient with this book.  But really, the whole cheesy 'love conquers all' was a bit gag-inducing.  The battle has been going for generations, for hundreds of years, and no one has ever been able to find a way to defeat the Richters, yet Daire crying over Dace and *loving* him saves the world?  What?

I didn't really understand what was so complex about the huge battle plan either.  Seemed to me like they just hopped into the portal or vortex or whatever it was called and slayed demons easily enough.  I must have missed so much in the last two books because it just seemed like things were happening without much information or leading into them.  Like the beast in Dace.  Ok, yeah, I remember the stealing of a bit of Cade's darkness, and I remember some talk about how it might be a bigger problem now that it was in Dace, but in this fourth book it seemed like there was so much worry about The Beast taking over yet there were never any indications that anything odd was happening to him.  Seems like there should have been some instances of losing his temper, or maybe saying mean things he wouldn't normally have said, or something indicating changes happening.  But from what I remember, there was nothing out of the norm, just him saying it was taking over and he had to leave.  One minute he was all 'Ohhh, Daire, I love you and we'll be so happy together forever,' and the next he was shutting her out and leaving her because the beast was taking over.

There was an awful lot of shacking up and endless sex considering these were all still teenagers attending high school.  Well, except for Axel.

Auden's contract . . . what the heck was that?  Did I miss something in the previous book?  I know he left his band and was working on a solo career and that there was some interest in him, but it all seemed very minor and in the background before, hardly worth paying attention to.  And then to have what happened in this book happen?  It seemed rather incomplete and pointless.

I liked some of the side stories though.  The Lita and Axel relationship was probably more touching to me than Daire and Dace.  And Cade's story, in the end, was really quite sad.  I will say though, the very end of the book was quite clever, thinking they'd eliminated all the Richters only to learn they missed one . . .   It left the door wide open for another book, or maybe a companion series or something.  That's why I'm wondering if this really is the last in the series.

I would like to go back and read this entire series straight through at some point and see if it makes more sense to me the second time around.  But really it sort of just reinforces my belief that a simple yet well done plot is always better than an overly complex and farfetched one that will no doubt have weak spots and too much confusion.  Maybe I'm just simple minded?  Ha!


  1. Sounds like an interesting read. I get confused too if there is too much to a plot. For some reason this author's name looks familiar. I think I have read something of hers. Evermore or something?

    1. Yep, Evermore is her other series. What did you think of it? When I first started reading THIS series I was loving it so much that I wanted to read the Evermore series, but now I'm unsure.