Saturday, January 25, 2014

Melted - Lasting Scent Candles / Blackberry Plum Tea

Blackberry Plum Tea - [no scent description]

The Lasting Scent website is closed right now so I couldn't get a proper scent description, and I've never even ordered from there myself, but this tart was gifted to me and I've been loving tea scents lately soooo, yeah.  One thing I always seem to remember about Lasting Scent Candles from watching YouTube hauls and reviews, is that the tarts were super oily and could be very messy.  I thought that had changed over time, but this tart was still pretty oily.  I didn't dare touch anything but the cup for fear of mess.  Maybe this was an old one, from back in the still messy days?  I don't know.

Unfortunately, all that oil did not mean it was strong in scent.  On cold sniff I had was only getting a light, sort of generic sweet scent.  Melted, I waited seemingly forever and wasn't getting any scent.  When I made a conscious effort to sniff the air and search, I did find the scent was there but it was one of those that just sit quietly in the background.  Once I found it, I did continue to notice it very lightly after that.  It was a nice dark fruit-sweet scent with that familiar tea note.  It wasn't bright and fruity like a summer scent, but a much deeper 'dark' sweetness.

I melted this entire tart (1+ oz?) in my Glade 20 watt hot plate warmer and as already stated, had very little scent.  It was definitely a background scent, to shy to make its presence known.  It was a nice scent, just not a strong scent.

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