Monday, January 6, 2014

Melted - Ollie's Soaps / Wildberry Mousse Donut Shop

Wildberry Mousse Donut Shop - [no scent description]

I wasn't sure if I should even bother reviewing this one since Ollie's Soaps is a closed shop now, but what the heck, it's wax and it's blog material.  This particular chunk was part of a gift to me and when I first saw it I was a bit 'Bleah,' because the wildberry mousse scents are not big favorites for me.  This was really good though.  The donut shop part of it must have been the difference.  It is your typical wildberry mousse scent, with the dark sweetness of the berries and that sort of note that's typical of mousse scents but that I never know how to describe.  It's kind of like how cheesecake has that certain note, and eggnog has that certain note, that little thing that just 'makes' it what it is.  Anyway typical wildberry mousse scent, but then the sort of warm pastry note from the donut does wonders in turning it into a more bakery type scent.

I melted this small chunk (less than 1 oz.) in my tea light warmer and had medium-strong scent in the open area room where my warmer is located.


  1. Nice chunk! Glad you still reviewed it :-) I got an Ollie's tart from Lauren and enjoyed it. Nice and strong.

    1. I had one small order from Ollie's quite some time ago and enjoyed it. Her scent list wasn't huge, but her stuff was good enough that I would have ordered again. Hopefully she reopens someday.


  2. What a cute chunk! Thanks for the review!