Saturday, January 25, 2014

Watched - Sleepy Hollow (TV series)

Sleepy Hollow just finished its first season earlier this week.  I think this is the first show in quite some time that I caught from the beginning and stuck with it to the end.  There are other shows I'm involved with (Suits, Vikings, Game of Thrones) but I came into all of those late.  Sleepy Hollow had me intrigued before the pilot episode ever aired.

You probably know the basics of the classic Sleepy Hollow story . . . Ichabod Crane trying to figure out the killings and reports of a headless horseman in the little town of Sleepy Hollow back in the late 1700s.  Well, the show has those well known bits, but adds some serious twists.  This version has Ichabod dying on the battlefield back then but is somehow awakened and finds himself in present day Sleepy Hollow.  That headless horseman has also been awakened, and we soon find out he's not just some crazy killer, but part of a much bigger plan.

Ichabod Crane is the main character, of course.  Quite soon after his awakening he finds himself stumbling right into the heart of an investigation involving some recent murders.  At first the police think he is a crazy man and that HE might be the killer.  Somehow he ends up working with the police on these cases and uncovers the much more troubling danger that threatens.

I love this guy.  He becomes known as Crane, instead of Ichabod, on the show.  His constant struggles to adjust to the modern world are quite hilarious, and his observations (and rants) about modern society are awesome.  Donut tax, anyone?

Abbie Mills is the police lieutenant who believes Crane first and sort of takes him under her wing.  The chemistry between the two works, can make you laugh or cry.  Hubby and I are wondering if they'll be a couple at some point.  I'm hoping they don't.  I love the strong friendship they're building.

Frank Irving is the police captain.  It takes him a while longer to believe in the weird things being presented to him.  At first he tries to ignore it all and is just sort of like 'Abbie, just solve the murders but don't tell me the weird stuff.'  When things start hitting close to home for him though, he has no choice but to accept what Crane and Abbie are telling him, and he has to get involved.

Katrina Crane is Ichabod's wife.  We find out early on that she is a witch and is the one who 'saved' him (allowed him to be awakened) by putting a complex spell on him.  We also learn early in the show that she is still alive but trapped in purgatory.  So now, not only is Crane working on the main task, but he's also wanting to find a way to free her from purgatory and be reunited with her.

Abbie's sister Jenny Mills is a regular on the show.  She's led a very troubled young life and has been locked in a psychiatric ward for some time now.  When it becomes clear that an event from their childhood is directly related to what is happening now, some strings are pulled to get Jenny out of the institution, and she becomes a key player in the investigation and battle against evil.  She is good with guns and shady things like stealing and lock picking and breaking into places.

Henry Parrish is a recurring character on the show.  He is the 'sin eater' they called upon to break the bond between Crane and The Horseman, a bond that was accidentally created when they both died on the battlefield that day and their blood mixed.  Without breaking this bond, to kill The Horseman would have likely meant Crane would die too.  Henry has been back since then, continuing to help Abbie and Crane uncover mysteries.  By the end of the season we find just how involved in all of this he really is.  I suspected part of it and then saw a spoiler for another part of it.  Doh?!

And then there are the creepies.  Of course, The Headless Horseman is the most obvious but we learn he is only a part of the bigger danger.

The demon Moloch is the main creepy, and when we only got blurry insta-flashes of him back in the beginning, he was at his creepiest.  He is the driving force in this pending war of good vs. evil, and he is responsible for a heck of a lot of the other creepiness we see in the show . . .

. . . such as what happened to officer Brooks.  *shudders and hides eyes*  Poor Andy Brooks is killed very early but Moloch keeps him around for some things that still need to be done.  Bleah, the visuals of his story were probably the most disturbing of the whole show.

Just some of the other creepies.  There is usually some creature in every episode.  Some pop up more than once, like Moloch.  Some are just one episode encounters.  Some are kinda cheesy and cheap, while some have a bit of shudder-worthiness.

It's Abbie and Crane that really make the show though.  He's trying to adjust to a world 200+ years in his future.  She's trying to help him.  Yet all the while they are racing to solve these mysteries and find a way to stop the coming threat of The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.  This is a funny list of some highlights of Crane's struggle with the modern world . . . HERE.  One thing hubby and I had been wondering throughout the season was how long would he continue to wear his 200 year old clothes?  We agreed it won't be the same if/when they ever decide to start changing things.  Well sure enough, one of the episodes right towards the end of the season had Abbie trying to convince Crane to try some new clothes.  When he stepped out in skinny jeans I almost died.  I *HATE* skinny jeans!  They should be banned.  And to see my beloved Crane in them was horrifying beyond belief.  (Ok, yeah, it was freakin' hysterical too.)
Luckily he didn't stay in them long.  She offered him a pink and blue striped t-shirt and he was all "Absolutely not."  It was a nice shirt but no, I can't imagine Crane in it.  LOL!  Anyway, he changed back to his old clothes only a few minutes later and Abbie told him if he insisted on continuing to wear them he would need to find a dry cleaner.  So how did they solve this problem?  In the season finale he came across a Revolutionary War reenactment group and bought 'period' clothes from them.  LOL!!!!!

I know a lot of people have tried to watch this show and couldn't get into it.  I think part of the problem for them is that it's not a very 'deep' show.  At first I didn't like it that they seem to conveniently solve each part of the puzzle they encounter in one episode.  Some people don't like the mix of the old story in a modern setting.  I think the show has gotten stronger as it's gone on.  Characters and things seem more connected now, and not just popping in for whatever handy reason there happened to be.  One big magazine or newspaper review said something along the lines of 'There's nothing really scary here but the chemistry and mythology is fun.'  And it's true.  There is a lot of history in each episode, a lot of folklore or mythology, and then it's sometimes tweaked to add a layer to the story.  But it really all comes back to Crane and Abbie . . . 

As I said, the first season has ended and we have to wait until fall for the show to return.  BLEAH!  Luckily we saved every episode on our dvr and I fully intend to watch them all again soon.  I will also buy the dvd set when it eventually comes out.  But for now I want to make a prediction about the second season premiere.  I won't go into too much detail so the spoiler level can remain low.

Ok, in the season finale, Crane, Abbie, and Henry found some information and also figured out they need Katrina to help do something.  They found a way to get Crane and Abbie into purgatory, where Katrina is trapped.  She explained that a soul can leave purgatory if another takes its place, so Abbie decides this is her part to play in this whole thing, and she stays behind while Crane and Katrina leave.  They say they will be back for her and Katrina will take her old spot back and let Abbie go again once the task they need her for is accomplished.  Things, of course, don't go as planned and Katrina gets separated from Crane.  Also, Abbie comes across some information and is now racing to find a way back out of purgatory.

Meanwhile, Jenny had been working on a lead somewhere else and ended up in a car accident.  My prediction is the she will die as a result of this accident, and it will be her soul that takes Abbie's spot, allowing her to leave purgatory.  That's very sad to me, but I'm pretty sure that's how it will have to be.  Unless those sneaky writers left it that way so it seems like that's the obvious solution........hmmmm.  Ok, now I *really* can't wait for the show to come back!!!

Have you watched Sleepy Hollow?  Are you hooked like me?  Or did you give up and move on?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I wanna watch!!! It seems like I will enjoy it along the lines of when I enjoyed Charmed. I need netflix!

    1. I think the Fox site has full episodes, but I don't know if they have ALL of the episodes. Hope you watch it! I'd love to have someone to discuss it with!


    2. I don't think I've ever watched Charmed.

      Have either of you watched The Witches of East End? (I think that's what it's called.) It was a series in 2013, but I think it's done and not meant to come back for a second season.


    3. I watched the first episode but couldn't get into it. It was pretty campy :)

  2. I love this show! There's a tv podcast I listen to that calls it "bonkers awesome," which describes it perfectly: completely nuts but does so many things right that you're willing to go along for the ride.

    I have to admit, I did not see the big surprise in the finale coming at all, and kind of worried about what having Katrina around will do to the great relationship between Ichabod and Abbie (though I guess she might not be around after all...)

    I'm also a fan of Grimm, but this season hasn't been very strong so it's great to have Sleepy Hollow to make up for it :)

    1. So many people I know scoff at Sleepy Hollow but love American Horror Story. I don't think they realize they're not meant to be the same type of show. AHS is a lot darker, deeper. I've never been able to get into that show.

      I need to add Grimm to my Netflix. You mentioned it before and I've always been curious about it but just never checked it out.


    2. I watched the first few eps of the first season of AHS, but it started to feel like they were seeing how much they could get away with in terms of gore and lunacy, and I didn't think the writing was good enough to support it. I know lots of people love it, but since there's soooo much other great TV I want to watch, I didn't feel compelled to stick with it.

      Grimm started out slow and then got better. It takes itself more seriously than SH.

    3. Hubby's been working his way through (Netflix) the first season of Arrow, so I'll wait for him to finish before I start Grimm. I'm kinda wanting to watch Downtown Abbey though too. Have never seen ANY of that, so not sure why I suddenly want to check it out.

      Just a few more weeks and all the shows we're excited for start returning . . . Vikings, Suits, Game of Thrones. Wheeee!