Monday, January 6, 2014

Watched - Talhotblond (movie version)

Talhotblond (TV-movie version)
87 minutes

'Thomas Montgomery, a married father of two young daughters, gets seduced by the world of online gambling and chat rooms where a virtual romance and sexual obsession ultimately leads to the murder of an innocent man.'

I had just watched the documentary version of this story a few days earlier, thanks to a recommendation left in a comment here on the blog, and was very anxious to see this movie version.  Although some things were changed slightly, at least from what I could tell from the documentary, it was easier to follow this story by watching it played out in movie form.  Some of the confusing and frustrating points of the real-life version were streamlined and smoothed out in the movie version.

I thought the movie made the murder victim see a little bit too good and perfect, like an attempt to make the whole thing even more dramatic than it was, and that is probably my biggest complaint.  Having just recently watched the documentary and seeing hearing the murder tell his story, I thought the movie version seemed pretty convincing.  You might feel a little more sympathetic towards him than you think you should, but he seems believable enough that you just can't help it.  I didn't get as mad at the girl this time.  Because the story was sort of streamlined and cleaned up a bit, you don't quite get the feeling of her putting herself out there like a hootchie this time.  The real story had a little more drama and chaos involved, and she seemed to be leading things.

I'm glad I've found out about this story and want to read any books, if there are any out there about this.


  1. Thanks so much for the review of the TV movie version. I have it on my queue to watch now!

    1. I found myself wanting to watch this again the other day but I'd already sent it back. I still need to check on if there are any books about this case. *smacks own forehead*