Thursday, February 6, 2014

Haul - Candles From the Keeping Room

I hadn't really been looking to place any orders but when my evil enabler waxy friends pointed out one morning that Candles From The Keeping Room would be opening that day, and then used their extreme powers of peer pressure (ok, maybe not), I couldn't help it.  I placed an order.  At least I kept it small!

I ordered a Cakes Sampler because I seem to be going through a cake scent phase lately.  I did not look up any of the scent descriptions before ordering, just saw 'cake' and whipped it into my cart.

These are my initial cold sniff thoughts.  I have not melted any of these yet.
  • Serendipity Birthday Cake - 'Our fabulous Serendipity mixed with our ever so yummy Birthday Cake, a hint of marshmallow, a little ice cream.'  I just had this scent from another vendor recently, so I chuckled a bit when I saw it in this sampler because I can only take Serendipity in small doses, few and far between.  This one seems nice though, the cake toning it down.
  • Strawberry White Cake - 'A Candles From The Keeping Room Creation. Our yummy fresh picked Strawberries mixed with our delicious white cake.'  This one could be interesting.  On cold sniff it's very candy-like, almost a smidge perfumey.  I hope the cake comes through more when warmed.
  • Absolutely Fabulous Cake - 'Rich, moist white cake with hints of silky, white chocolate and sweet cream; shredded, toasted coconut coated with sweet vanilla nestled inside. This fabulous creation is topped with luscious mounds of rich sweet butter cream frosting.'  Ohh, this is good.  A very 'warm' cake scent, that toasted part of the coconut really makes itself known.
  • OMG Cake - 'Hints of crushed almond and traces of orange add sweet accents to this dreamy delight. Luscious creamy cake batter is enriched with sweet maple and blended with light spicy tones for the fragrance heart. A finishing base of marshmallow and butter cream completes the treat.'  Mmmmm, might have a favorite here!  It's sweet and bright but warm.  Little teaser hints of maple and orange in there.
  • White Cake - 'This is a wonderful bakery scent...and one of my most popular cake scents...this is strong, a true white cake with a slight hint of cherry.'  Nice, typical cake with noticeable cherry.
  • Raspberry Coconut Cake - I'm confused because on the website there is a Raspberry Coconut Cheesecake but not a regular Raspberry Coconut Cake.  The description for the cheesecake version is 'Our yummy cheesecake, topped with sweet raspberries..then coconut mixed with a sweet cream cheese frosting.'  I do get the raspberry and coconut notes but nothing that seems like cheesecake.
 And how freakin' cute are these bunny shaped tarts?!?!

I also grabbed a Coffees & Drinks Sampler because I loved the Caramel Latte tart I had from CFTKR recently, and I like coffee scents in general.  I was thrilled to find another Caramel Latte in this sampler!

Again, these are initial cold sniff thoughts.
  • Sugar Cookie Latte - 'A wonderful new coffee blend, inspired by my friend Chris...a mix of our strong black coffee whipped in our new sugar cookie.'  Mainly getting the coffee note, but there is something softening it slightly.
  • Caramel Latte - 'A blend of coffee, caramel..and sweet cream.'  Love this scent.  Right now it's stronger on the coffee but I know when I melted that other one the creaminess came through wonderfully.
  • Sugar Milk Coffee Latte - 'A wonderful blend of sugar milk, our strongest coffee, cream and a little sugar makes this a wonderful new blend.'  Again, mainly coffee right now, with a hint of something soft.
  • Vanilla Shake - 'Spun sugar and vanilla are perfectly combined in this nostalgic scent. Butter cream amplifies the soda fountain tones and adds richness to the base of the fragrance.'  A deep, rich, creamy vanilla.  Quite yummy on cold sniff.
  • Strawberry Dew - 'A soda with a jolt of summer freshness, this classic lemon/lime fizzy pop that we have taken to a new level and laced in sweet strawberries.'  I smiled when I pulled this out of the bag, because I am a Mountain Dew addict.  The description sounds more like 7Up though.  The scent definitely has that fizzy note!  And there is a strawberry note lurking behind the initial sweetness.
  • Cream Soda - 'An old fashioned soda shop classic, having all the bubbly notes frothing over the glass with the truly characteristic, caramelized sugar and vanilla cream aroma.'  Even though it's another soda, it does not have the fizzy note.  This is ok, kinda like a really creamy root beer.
The freebies are always the most exciting part of the order because CFTKR is one of THE most generous at including extras.  You can request certain scents but I like it to be a surprise.  I did put 'no florals or zucchini' in the notes section when I placed my order.  So what did I get this time??

Initial cold sniff thoughts again since I have not melted any yet.
  • Sugar Cookie Dough - 'Fresh baked sweet bread with a blend of cinnamon, raisins, brown sugar, nutmeg, topped with sweet buttermilk sauce and mixed in chunks of sugar cookie dough.'  Mostly the sugar cookie scent, just a hint of bread.  It's warm and cozy and makes me think of fall.
  • Strawberry Bread - 'A blend of sweet strawberries, fresh baked sweet bread and toasted nuts with just a touch of cinnamon.'  I'm always leery of bread scents since the horror of zucchini bread.  This doesn't mention zucchini though.  *phew*  There is a definite strawberry note, and some bakery type notes but not really a distinct 'bread' feeling about it.
  • Ultimate Bear Claw - 'Our yummy bear mix claw enhanced with sweet sugar cookies, sweet bakery donuts, cakes and breads..all iced with a sweet vanilla icing.'  LOVE!  Warm, sweet, pastry/bakery heaven.
  • Garfield's Bowl of Cream - I don't see this one listed on the website.  I'm guessing it's supposed to be a sweet cream or sweet milky scent...?  I really need a scent description because that's not what I'm smelling.  It's almost perfumey, with a hint of something else almost herbal or spicy.  Catnip?  LOL  I'm not fond of this one, at least on cold sniff. 
  • Jill's Strawberry Cream Filled Jelly Roll - I don't see this one on the site either but that doesn't surprise me because I think it might be a tribute blend to a member of the wax community who was murdered recently.  This is an interesting scent, a candy type note in among the pastry notes, and almost a hint of fizzy which is really weird.
  • Chestnuts & Brown Sugar - 'A delicious mixture of caramel and rich maple combined with chestnuts in a buttery cream base.'  Love this one.  This is the type of scent that is right up my alley, warm and cozy with a touch of sweetness.
Sampler bags cost $6.95.  Since you can't order single tarts at CFTKR, it's always been one of the reasons I shy away from ordering.  I don't want to commit to bags of a scent I'm not familiar with.  So one day someone mentioned the samplers are a good way to try different scents, and I was like 'Ah-ha!'  While I can't control the specific scents, I can at least get a group of scents of a type I might like.

Shipping was $8.75, but I don't remember if that's a flat rate or what.

Turnaround time (TAT) was great considering this is one of the more popular vendors.  I ordered on the morning of Jan. 25, and received the package on Feb. 3, so that's only a bit over a week.  I can handle that!

If I continue to have better luck with these in my hot plate warmer than I did in my tea light warmer, I will probably start ordering from CFTKR more often.  Do you have any scent suggestions for me?


  1. No single tarts? Ack :( She has a bunch of interesting Noel scents I'd like to try, but like you I don't want to invest in a full bag if I haven't sniffed it. The bunny is freaking adorable.

    1. There is a Noel sampler but I don't know if any of those are scents you're interested in. The site is open for viewing right now, but not ordering.

      I got a bunch of the bunnies. I told my hubby I won't be able to cut or melt them, they're so cute. I said I'd have to set them out as air fresheners. lol


    2. If she'd let me swap out those 2 bakery Noels for something else, I'd go for it. Might be worth asking!

    3. Go for it! I don't know when she'll be opening again.


  2. I have been waiting on this post!! Great samplers! Strawberry dew sounds yummy for summer time. I hope the glade warmer still does her thing with CFTKR too. I was down to one CFTKR tart when I ordered. Whew! Bunnies!!!!

    1. Just wish wish wish she'd offer singles. Or at least a sampler where you can pick what you want.

      I'm excited to dive into these!


  3. Yes, I too have been waiting for this post. I'm so happy you ordered, I love seeing all the scents in samplers. The bunnies are adorable.
    If I recall, your arm was slightly nudged on the opening morning. There was not a whole lot of twisting going on. Your enabler--CFTKR is open. Deb--let me go just see what they have. Deb--oh darn, I placed an order. Something like that anyway :)

    1. Well yeah, when you edit out all the threats and screaming and crying it doesn't sound so bad..... =P