Sunday, February 16, 2014

Watched - Accused At 17

Accused At 17
Rated TV-14
90 minutes

'A teenager is accused of murdering a classmate and claims that she was framed by her best friend. Her mother must try to find the truth.'

Sometimes you just gotta love the cheesy Lifetime movies.  This was one of those times for me.  I'd seen bits of this movie here and there but had never seen it from start to finish.  One bored evening recently, I was flipping through channels and happened to catch this right from the beginning so I decided to finally watch the whole thing.

Bianca is the main girl.  She misses a big party because she's stuck having dinner with her mother and her mother's boyfriend.  The next morning Bianca hears from her friends Fallyn and Sarah that her boyfriend cheated on her at the party last night.  The girl he cheated with was Dory, a snotty popular girl.  Bianca is hurt and angry, and her friends encourage her to do something about it, so she calls her boyfriend and leaves a very angry message yelling at him and somewhat threatening him and Dory.  The friends suggest that's not quite enough, and that they should really teach Dory a lesson.  Bianca agrees because she's tired of being the good girl that everyone walks all over.  Fallyn and Sarah convince Dory to go with them to a collage frat party, but really they take her to a secluded place where Bianca is waiting to tell her off.  Things don't go as planned after that and Dory ends up dead.

Bianca is, of course, the prime suspect.  She swears her innocence but when her friends don't support her, things don't look good for her.  Bianca's mother to the rescue!  Yeah, there is some pretty weak acting (the two detectives were the worst!) and things happen a little too quick and smooth, but there is a rather clever story among all that cheesiness.  And it's really kinda sad actually, when you think about it.  If Bianca's drunk and horny boyfriend would have just kept it in his pants, none of this would have happened.  All through the movie the boyfriend is a really annoying and ugly piece of crap.  He's supposed to be this moody or brooding hot guy, and he's really just this mopey 'poor little me' whiner who just keeps pouting "Tell Bianca I'm sorry."  What?  What about the dead girl?  What about being charged with murder?  What about everything else that happens?  And all you have to contribute is a pathetic "Tell Bianca I'm sorry."???

If this was a book, I'd love to read it.

And while looking up info for this post, I found out there is another Lifetime movie called Stalked At 17.  WOOT!  I am totally setting the DVR for that one!!

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