Friday, March 7, 2014

I Found New Tarts

While shopping at . . . yes, Walmart . . . this morning, I noticed something new in the Waxy Goodness aisle.  I was still some distance away when something caught my eye.  'Whaaaaaa . . . ?' my mind wondered but really I already knew.  Mainstays, the Walmart brand of candles, now has wax tarts! 

There is a post here on the blog about the Mainstays 3-wick bowl candles, and it's one of my most popular posts.  People seem to love Mainstays as an affordable scented candle option.  My own experience with them has been mixed.  The good ones are awesome, but the duds are really duds.  It's usually in the burning performance that I have the most problems, not so much the scent.  So seeing tarts in this brand immediately had me curious.

The tarts are the typical 6-cube clamshell style.  A 2.5 oz. package sells for $2.00, same size and price as Better Homes & Gardens/Scentsationals.  It looks like the tarts come in each of the candle scents.  There are even multi-scent packs to match the layered candles.

I only grabbed this one pack in Hazelnut Cream scent because I've loved this scent forever and have had it in Mainstays candle form too, so I figured it would be a good one to use to judge these tarts.  Cold throw is decent, a medium-strong scent.  I'm not too worried if these fail.  After all, BH&G are the same price and I already know I can rely on those.  I'm hopeful about these Mainstays tarts though because this brand comes out with some really awesome fall/winter scents that I will definitely be looking forward to now.

I will do a 'Melted' post when I get around to melting these, to let you know how they did.

Have you seen these at your Walmart?  Have you ever tried the Mainstays brand candles?


  1. My walmart is woefully slim on tarts but if we go this weekend I will peek for sure!!

    1. My Walmart had dwindled down to pathetic as far as tarts. I was afraid they were phasing them out! Nooo, it was the opposite....they did a major overhaul and expanded the whole tarts section.