Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Melted - Rosegirls / Blackberry Cotton Candy Waffle Cone

Blackberry Cotton Candy Waffle Cone - [no scent description]

Although there is no official scent description, I guess it's probably pretty self explanatory.  This was a nice, sweet scent with hints of bakery.  There seemed to be an almost creaminess to it, but I don't know what that would be coming from.  The fruity note from the blackberry was typical dark-fruit-sweet without being overly bright and summery.  More like a jam type of sweet.  The cotton candy was not distinct, but upped the sweetness a bit.  The waffle cone added the hint of warm and cozy bakery, like a cookie type more than cake type.  A rather yummy scent, indeed.

Much too light and weak though.  I started melting half of this chunk in my Glade 20 watt hot plate warmer and was barely getting any scent so I went ahead and threw the rest of the chunk in (1.7 oz. total) to see if it would help.  Very early on there was a burst of delicious scent but then it seemed to be gone.  While going about my business throughout the house, I was surprised to find that delicious scent had traveled into the adjacent room.  It remained at about a medium level in *that* room for an hour or so before fading away to pretty much nothing again.

Nice when I could smell it though!


  1. Gonna melt this one TODAY! Let ya know if it fizzles for me. Gosh I hope not!

    1. I was surprised to find light traces of cotton candy scent still lingering throughout two rooms well after I'd given up on this one. Really curious now how yours will go.


  2. Not bad. I went ahead and did a chunk in the living room/kitchen and one in our bedroom since we leave our doors open. It is nice up close but just walking around the house it doesn't knock me down. I do like it though but wonder if I will prefer Americana marshmallow smoothie as a blackberry scent.