Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Melted - Super Tarts / Lemon Cupcake Marshmallow

Lemon Cupcake Marshmallow - [no scent description]

Not too fond of those Green Bay Packers colors but I do like the Harry Potter lightning bolts on top.  This was another tart gifted to me by a generous waxy friend, and since I'm unfamiliar with Super Tarts and the website is closed at the moment, I can't get a proper scent description.  On cold sniff it was quite lemony, not much of a cupcake note at all.  Warmed though, the gooey marshmallow note showed up to make it more of a warm-ish, creamy lemon scent.  I never did get much of a cupcake note, didn't even remember it was supposed to be there until noticing the name while writing this post.  That's ok though, because it was still a nice lemon scent.  I will say, the long it melted the more the marshmallow took over.

I melted one of these chunks (1 oz.) in my Glade 20 watt hot plate warmer and had a healthy medium scent early on.  It didn't travel much out of the room the warmer was in.  It only seemed to last a couple hours, but then I realized it was just the lemon scent that seemed to burn itself out early.  After about two hours, there was still a light marshmallow scent with just the faintest trace of lemon lingering.  I shut the warmer off after about three hours total.


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    1. I let my mom borrow all of my Harry Potter dvds because she lives alone and has been bored and looking for things to watch. She's had them about a month now and has not even started watching them. What?!


  2. I got to try this, too, and your assessment is how mine performed, too! There's a lot of initial hype about Super Tarts and it's got me intrigued, that's for sure! I didn't seem to like the lemon in this, though, it smelled a bit cleanery! Did you notice that at all?

    1. It wasn't my fav either but not bad. Just in the middle.

    2. It did have a bit of the 'cleaner' lemon, yep. There was sort of a sour note or something too, kinda like that note you get with cheesecake scents. Know what I'm talking about?