Monday, April 28, 2014

Melted - The Melting Fairy / Pink Serendipity Peeps

Pink Serendipity Peeps - 'A blend of Pink Sugar, Serendipity, and marshmallow Peeps.'

This was the chunk blend in the April Melting Fairy box.  It was so cute that I hated to cut it up, but since it was a whopping four ounce chunk, I did indeed divide it and share with my waxy-bloggy friends.  And I finally got around to melting my part of it.

It's so hard to say what is the stronger note in here, the Serendipity or the Pink Sugar.  I'd smell it throughout the house and think it was Serendipity.  I'd catch a whiff of it again and think no, it's Pink Sugar.  So I'd say it's a pretty equal mix.  It did seem that the Pink Sugar started to come through more several hours into the melt.  I don't know that the marshmallow did anything distinct, maybe just helped seamlessly blend the two together.

Melting a 1 oz. piece of this chunk in my Glade 20 watt hot plate warmer, I had strong scent and throw.  I could smell this easily, but not overpoweringly, throughout the downstairs of my house.  

I liked this scent but since Serendipity can be overly sweet and I prefer the Pink Sugar scent in soaps or lotions, it did become a bit much for me after a while.  I know there at tons of people though, who love this type of blend and if it is ever offered on the regular Melting Fairy scent list, this would be one for them to try.


  1. I am saving this since it is one of my last serendipity scents and I love serendipity and pink! Glad to hear it was good! Hope you are having a good week!

    1. One of your last? Sounds like you need to get busy ordering! =P