Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Haul - Rosegirls / Muffins!

My little group of waxy friends invited me to be part of a Rosegirls 'Muffin Club.'  The idea was that since you get four muffins per bag, if you get four people together and each come up with a custom blend you can then divide the four bags of blends among the four people.  Follow that?  So instead of me getting a bag of four muffins all the same scent, I'm now getting four muffins of four different scents.  One person takes care of all the ordering and receives the original package, then divides the goods and sends the other three people their part of the order.

I've never participated in something like this.  I've never created my own blends.  I wasn't sure I wanted to do it.  Even after agreeing to do it, I struggled with trying to come up with blends that weren't already available.  I might be creative in some areas, but apparently blending scents is just not one of them!  lol

Anyway, the whole universe was anxiously awaiting the Rosegirls website opening on January 1, and it was chaos as usual.  I stayed far away from it, but Lauren did manage to get our muffins order in before the site closed again.  And then we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  We had each come up with two different blends, so in the end we'd each be getting eight muffins/eight blends.  Lauren finally received the package last week and got the muffins all divided and repackaged and sent out to other three of us, and I received my share on May 19.  I hated that long wait time but once Lauren got notification that they were ready, I was excited.  I couldn't even remember what the blends were that we'd all come up with, so that was even more exciting.

I'll just run through the eight blends quickly for now, and give some cold sniff first impressions.

Vanilla Oak/Vanilla Musk/Wild Honey Bee
When I read the package I was thinking 'Oooh, sounds yummy,' so I plunged my nose in and took a big sniff.  Whoa!  *coughcough*  This one is STRONG.  I used to make soap with the fragrance Wild Mountain Honey, and I think the Honey Bee part of this might be that same scent.  It is a strong floral honey scent that sort of overpowers everything else in this.  Sadly, this is not my type of scent.

Sweet Lavender/Sweet Lemon Confection
 I could have sworn I'd had this scent combination before from Rosegirls but when I looked back through my pics I think I'm confusing it with a couple similar looking ones I've had.  Mainly getting the lemon right now, which is fine because I love lemon and this is a sweet candy-like lemon.

Royal Sugar Cookie/Butterscotch/Orange Revival
I have to laugh every time I sniff this one.  The orange note is strong, and it's a sort of zesty, almost catch-in-your-throat type zippy citrus.  There is an 'aftertaste' to it that I just can't even say here what it makes me think of.  LOL!  I hope the cookie and butterscotch notes come through when warmed!

Satsuma/Gilligan's Brew/Coconut Lime Verbena
Hubby and I both think this smells like 7Up.  That citrus zesty zingy note is in this one too.

Ooey Gooey Caramel/Marshmallow Smoothie/Celtic Moonspice
This was one of my blends and it wasn't even really *my* blend because I just copied the idea from something I'd already seen mentioned online.  Yeah, that's how creative I am.  Doh!  The caramel and marshmallow are starting to come through more now.  When I first received the package, the spice of the Celtic Moonspice was the strongest note.  I might tuck this one away until closer to fall.

Orange Danish/Wildberry/Vanilla Ice Cream
This one is nice.  Quite creamy, with quiet fruity notes.

Gilligan's Brew/Vanilla Ice Cream/Florida Key Lime Pie
The scent is kinda light in this one right now.  I get some creaminess and maybe something like the crust from the pie.

Peppermint/Watermelon Slush/Marshmallow Smoothie
The other of my two blends and again, this was a 'borrowed' blend idea because I have no blending creativity on my own.  This one might possibly be my favorite of the whole bunch.  The mint is sweet and soft, there is a touch of creaminess, and sitting quietly way deep in the middle is an actual watermelon note.  You almost don't notice it at first, it's just sitting so deep in there.

And that is our first 'Muffin Club.'  It might be my last too.  I had already warned the other three ladies even before we got these that I probably wouldn't participate again.  There were no problems, it's not that.  It's just that I hate long waits like the almost six months it took to get these.  I also suck at coming up with blends, and am not as adventurous as they are.  I'm curious to see if they'll try a second round of 'Muffin Club.'


  1. Cool idea. I wouldn't like that wait time either. I guess it depends how fast you "need" a payoff from your fun-money.

    I like the look of these, with the chunks on top.

    I had forgotten about the Wild Mountain Honey soap. Now I want some!!

    I hope these are good when melted. :)

    1. Pants?! Pants has returned?

      These do look cool. And they are big enough that you can chop them into four sections and get four melts.

      Have you melted any of the Rosegirls that I sent you?


    2. Indeed!
      Awesome that they're that big!
      I haven't yet.

  2. they all sound very nice but I imagine the honey bee blend will be very strong. enjoy!!

    1. That bugger is the strongest of the bunch, probably the strongest tart in general that I've had for a while. It could easily be set out somewhere as decoration and still get plenty of scent from it. Maybe I'll do that!


  3. Muffins!!!! Yes, hindsight and all that, I definitely should have chosen one of the vanillas as the over pour and honey as a chunk. Oops!!! Lol at least I can get a few melts out of it. I loved all the muffins for sure. So sad you are on the fence but totally understand. Thanks for doing it!! Your blends are great!!

    1. I don't think I'll participate if you guys are planning on doing it again for the next opening. I'm sure you'll have no problem finding someone else, someone who is more adventurous than me when it comes to this. lol