Sunday, May 25, 2014

Melted - Butterfly Lane Scents / Sparkling Berries

Sparkling Berries - [no scent description]

This was one of those scents that is just plain fun.  It was zippy and happy and summery.  It reminded me of Kool Aid.  I don't know just what berries are supposed to be in this but I think I detected strawberry in there.  There was also a sugary note, candy-sweet, almost effervescent.  I dare you to be in a crabby mood when this scent is melting.

I melted this 1.5 oz. tart in my tea light warmer and had nice strong scent the entire duration of one tea light burn (about four hours).

(This tart was part of a gift from a waxy friend.)


  1. Yay!!! I love mood lifting scents!!! I remember putting koolaid packets in a ziplock bag and adding sugar, licking my finger and eating it. Stains, stains everywhere. But so good!

    1. I used to like those candy things, name escapes me now, but you dipped the white candy stick in the pouch of sugar-candy. Can't imagine doing it with Kool Aid though. lol

      I've heard you can color your hair with Kool Aid.

      When my niece was younger, she and a friend would color their contacts with food coloring. I freaked.


    2. Is that an incomplete thought? =P