Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Melted - Glitterati Candle Co. / Lemon Meringue & Toasted Coconut

Lemon Meringue & Toasted Coconut - [no scent description]
I love lemon scents.  You probably know that already.  This is another that did not disappoint.  Mainly a bright lemon scent, there is still a healthy dose of coconut, which adds just a tiny hint of warmth.  Actually, I think the longer this went, the more the coconut came out.  There was also a slight creaminess to the whole scent.  Very nice.
I melted half of this chunk (about 1.4 oz. worth) in my tea light warmer and had strong, long lasting scent.

(This is one of six tarts I won in a blog giveaway.)


  1. I wonder if I'm using too much when I've melted my chunks from Glitterati. I've had really great performance from the fluted tarts but light-medium to medium on the chunks. I think I'm going to cut smaller and use my tea light.

    1. I *prefer* to melt right around 1 oz. I got that amount stuck in my head because I always melt 2 cubes of BH&G, which is about .8 oz, and those are usually uber strong. For a long time most single tarts were right around 1 oz. These days they seem to be getting bigger and bigger, and with hot plate warmer dishes being so big it's easier to just plunk a whole 2+ oz tart in and not worry.

      But think about fragrance oils instead of tarts. You only use a handful of *drops* of oil in a warmer. So I don't think more wax necessarily means bigger scent.