Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Melted - The Melting Fairy / Pistachio Pudding Cake

Pistachio Pudding Cake (NEW) - 'Creamy vanilla custard is blended with nutty pistachios, almonds, and honey to create this decadent scent.'

I had picked this scent in hopes it would be similar to a certain other pistachio scent from a certain other vendor that I'm totally in love with.  While not quite the same, it's the closest I've come so far, and it was actually pretty darn nice.  It's quite a sweet scent, at times even reminding me of Serendipity, which was weird.  (I think the strong almond note reminded me of cherry, which along with the other sweetness might have been reminding me of Serendipity.)  There is a slight nutty note, and at times there was a distinct cake note, but overall it was a really nice sweet bakery scent.

I melted this .7 oz. tart in my Glade 20 watt hot plate warmer and had a nice medium-strong scent that stayed consistent for at least six hours.  I turned the warmer off at that point, so I don't know how much longer it would have lasted.

A nice scent that I would choose again.


  1. A winner!! Maybe next month a box full of this, lemon meringue and teas for ya? I want to read your book review below, but I also want to read the series now... So I am going to wait and read the review after I read the books. (While hopefully inhaling some special creation or other) SPOILERS!

    1. This was good, but there are others I've liked more. I'd probably choose the Pearamel over this. But the lemon and the teas, heck yeah! We'll see if there are any interesting new scents next time, and if not I just might do that.

      The book review is not too spoilerish. Hope you read them soon! You'll probably whip through them before I get around to reading the third one.