Friday, May 16, 2014

Won It - Glitterati Candle Co.

Sunnee, over at the Fragrance Obsessed blog, has been having a lot of giveaways lately.  If you are not already following her blog, I suggest you get over there and join in on the fun!  She's been sharing portions of her recent orders from a variety of vendors.  I was lucky enough to win the giveaway featuring Glitterati Candle Company.  This was exciting to me because Glitterati is a newer vendor, as far as I know, and I'd just missed out on placing an order only a couple weeks ago.  (I had an order submitted, but she ran out of stock before getting to mine.)

Let's look at what Sunnee shared with me!
(I don't remember if these are custom blends by Sunnee, or regular Glitterati scents.  Also, these are my cold sniff thoughts since I just received the package and have not melted anything yet.)

Serendipity Waffle Cone - [no scent description]
This is nice!  It's the ever-popular Serendipity scent but the subtle waffle cone tones down the over-sweetness a bit, making it more tolerable.

White Sugar Plumeria - [no scent description]
I'm not a floral fan but hubby is, so I wasn't worried about this being part of the prize package.  I think I might like this one anyway.  Apparently that white sugar adds enough sweetness to make this almost like a candy scent instead of a true floral.  It's still floral, for sure, but sweet.

Orange Lace Cake - 'Light, citrusy, and melt-in-your-mouth vanilla cake.'
Yummy!  The cake note is strong, more like a pound cake than a sweet birthday cake.  The orange is light but making its presence known in a bright, almost tingly way.

White Tea & Pomegranate - [no scent description]
The White Tea part of this is described on the site as 'Jasmine, bergamot, lavender, mandarin, thyme, and ylang ylang.'  Not really sure how to describe this one.  It's sweet, but not like candy.  It's like a sweet tea, I guess.  lol

Satsuma Serendipity - [no scent description]
Wow, the satsuma whacks your senses immediately in this one.  It's a zesty citrus note, and right now on cold sniff I can't even smell the Serendipity behind it.  This one will be interesting to melt, to see if the other notes come out when warmed.

Lemon Meringue & Toasted Coconut - [no scent description]
This is the one I was most looking forward to because I'm a lemon fan, and a coconut fan.  I mainly get the lemon right now, a toned down, sweet bakery lemon.  I don't really detect coconut specifically at this point.  This one is delish though, even cold!

Raspberry Sugar Cookies - [no scent description]
Because one of the chunks in the original prize package was a zucchini blend and I *hate* zucchini scents, Sunnee replaced it with some other little goodies.  This one is interestingly yummy.  The raspberry hits you first, sort of a tart-tang-zing note, quickly followed by the softer warm cookie note.

(Beezy Tarts) Wildberry Mousse - [no scent description]
Wildberry Mousse scents are hit or miss for me.  If they're too strong on the mousse and have that sort of sour note, I usually pass on it.  This one smells nicely fruity on cold sniff.  I'm surprised Sunnee let some of her boyfriend Beezy go?!

(Rosegirls) Snowflake - [no scent description]
When I saw THIS in the box I pretty much threw everything else aside and did a little dance.  First, it's Rosegirls.  Second, it's Snowflake.  I'm alllllllll about holiday scents, and when I saw mention of this one somewhere along the way I knew I had to have it.  They didn't have any in stock last time I was at the Rosegirls store but that didn't surprise me at that time since I figured it would reappear closer to the holiday season.  Now I'm seeing that this is showing up in samplers from the last opening so I'm all anxious for it.  And now I have some to try.  Mmmmmm!  I couldn't find a description for it but one of my waxy friends thought it might be Pink Sugar/peppermint/marshmallow.  I don't smell any Pink in this though, just an amazing smooth and creamy peppermint.  I am definitely tucking this back into my fall/winter scents basket and saving it for Christmas.

As for the Glitterati wax, it is *very* soft and rather messy.  Someone else mentioned that too, either Sunnee or maybe ScentMyWay (on YouTube).  It will be easy to cut and share these chunks but wow, handling them at all smears them inside the bag and leaves oil and residue on your fingers.  The chunks are massive, the one I actually weighed being a full three ounces.  The scents on cold sniff are all nice and strong with no funky undertones.  I will wait until I've melted some of these before I decide whether to try and order more for myself or not.  But whatever happens, I want to thank Sunnee for sharing her wax goodies with so many people, and for giving me this chance to try a new vendor.

Thank you, Sunnee!

How about you?  Have you tried Glitterati yet?


  1. Great cold sniff reviews! So excited you got snowflake!! Sounds likeSunnee Picked some great blends. She has been so generous with the giveaways.

    1. I have to get busy melting and get through all the stuff you guys have been sending me! Looking forward to trying these.