Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Haul - Goat Milk Stuff

Back in 2009, when I stumbled into the world of handcrafted soaps, it was Goat Milk Stuff that was my introduction.  I had never heard of goat milk soap before then.  I had no idea so many people were making their own soap.  I was intrigued!  I placed a small order and before it even arrived I was already diving into this crazy new world and was soon making my own soap.

Goat Milk Stuff is still my sentimental favorite.  I still prefer goat milk soaps.  But it's been quite some time since I've ordered from GMS, or any soap vendor for that matter.  I'd completely fallen out of the handcrafted soap habit over the past year or so.  I had gotten lazy and switched back to commercial body washes.  Very recently though, I've been feeling the old soap urge coming back to me.  Hubby  has still been using bar soaps and when I saw that we only have two bars of handmade soap left I figured it was a good time to start placing some orders.  And then an email newsletter from GMS showed up with a June special for free shipping and I decided it was time to revisit my old favorite.

This is a very small order because I wanted to be sure I still love their stuff, and because there are a handful of other vendors I'd like to get a bar or two from as well.

Black Raspberry - 'It smells sweet like raspberries with a hint of vanilla and is one of our top sellers.'

I picked this because I know hubby absolutely loves the Black Raspberry Vanilla scent.  When I sniff this, ahhhhh, there is just something about the smell of goat milk soap, a sort of note unique to itself, it just takes me back to those super exciting crazy days of my own soaping fun.

Chamomile - 'To make the chamomile soap, we infuse chamomile flowers into olive oil. We then add some castor oil (for a better lather) and scent it with a blend of orange and lavender essential oils.  Why chamomile? Chamomile is a flower that is typically used in herbal remedies to sooth the skin, ease itching, and reduce inflammation. It is a wonderful addition to help keep your skin healthy.'

I think this is a new soap at Goat Milk Stuff.  This was immediately intriguing to me because I've been having a lot of redness and itching for quite some time now.  It's mainly on my face, so I've tried different cleansers and moisturizers, but it also seems to pop up on my arms now and then too.  I'm quite curious to see how this will work.  It smells so good in a fresh, soapy way.  I do get a slight lavender note.

And yes, you did see quite a few lip balms in that first picture.  I absolutely love the Goat Milk Stuff lip balms!!  A coworker of mine has also come to love them, so we took advantage of the free shipping special to get a handful.  She got three vanilla.  I got a vanilla and a peppermint.  I should have also grabbed a Black Cherry but at the time I was ordering I'd forgotten *that* was the one I liked most.  Duh?!  Oh well, next time I'll get more.

If you're not familiar with Goat Milk Stuff, I encourage you to snoop around the website and read their story.  They are a mom and dad and their eight kids, all working in this family business.  It started as a mom learning to make soap as a gentle alternative to harsh store bought products, and grew to the point where they both quit their jobs to grow this business.  The kids all work in it too, from the time they're old enough to do the simplest chores all the way up to oldest daughter Brett now handling the phones or customer service or something like that.  Many of the kids have their own side projects within the business too.  One developed the lip balms.  One makes bracelets.  One makes washcloths.  Cute little extras like that. 

The family raises their own goats, and uses all their own goat milk.  They recently sold their farm and moved to a much bigger location with a custom built soap shop that now has a retail space.  They have traveled the country and appeared on shows like Good Morning America.  They don't follow trends with the hottest new scents or beautiful eye candy colored swirls.  They have a steady lineup of tried and true scents, with the occasional new one or seasonal one here and there.  That's one thing I like about this company, if I liked something I know I can go back and get more.

If you're into handcrafted soaps, you really should consider giving Goat Milk Stuff products a try!


  1. Their story is pretty cool. I like the greenish color of the chamomile bar, I thought it was a seasonal spring one at first.

    I hear you on appreciating a vendor not having a lot of limited editions that tempts you to make multiple orders over time. Did you see the recent Haus of Gloi FB update by the way? I was surprised of course. I hope Britton makes out more than okay in terms of how they end up dividing the income. I would be tempted to hire a packer and bookkeeper if I were her, and part ways.

    1. I forgot he does the graphics too. Hmm. That is a lot of roles.

    2. I did see that! I was shocked. And I wondered too, how it will be to work together. I don't know if I could do it. Even if you split up on 'good terms' there is still some reason you split up. Something wasn't working in the partnership.


  2. I like those bags they come in. Are they muslin or linen? Supporting small family business feels good. I especially like when the kids can have ownership too. I will try this one out after I get through some of my current soaps. The peppermint lip balm is calling me too.

    1. I think they are muslin.

      Their Oatmeal, Milk & Honey was the very first bar of handcrafted soap I ever used. I didn't order one this time because I still have one here already. They have a version with scrubby oatmeal, and without.