Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Haul - 'iheartwax'

I had never ordered from 'iheartwax' but I had enjoyed the pieces that my waxy friends had shared with me, so when there was a shop opening, and there was custom blending available, I went ahead and placed a small order.  I'm not much of a custom blender, seems like all the ideas I come up with are already made.  My waxy friends sort of got me more interested in it though after our first Muffin Club order with another vendor.  I thought I could practice by using 'iheartwax' because the TAT is shorter.

I went into this first order pretty excited.  I did get frustrated when it came to the actual blending again, and chose one really random combo in a desperate act of "Must be adventurous!"  I chose the 4-pack grubbies style because this way I would finally have something to share with my waxy friends, returning the kindness they have all shared with me these past many months.  Then while I waited for this order to come I was getting more and more excited about placing future orders and trying new blends.

And then my order arrived and, well, my first response was horrible disappointment. There was such a disgusting note coming from the package!  It was super strong and bitter, sort of plastic-y or chemically.  At first I thought it was from the packaging itself but I let the bags sit out, separate from each other, for many days and their true individual scents came back to themselves.  The offending note was narrowed down to one of the blends in particular.

Raspberry Cream - 'Rich cool cream and tart summer berries.'
Vanilla Wafer Cookies - 'True vanilla cookie scent.'
Marshmallow - 'Sweet creamy marshmallows.'
I think this is the smell culprit of the bunch.  I *hate* zucchini bread scent and for some reason this smells very strongly of the most offending parts of that scent.  Look at what I picked for the blend.  There should be nothing like a zucchini bread note anywhere in here.  I also wonder if part of the problem is the marshmallow scent, because the plastic-y note seems to be in here, in the marshmallow.  After thinking about this for some time, I remember two other incidents with two other vendors that had a similar nasty note and I'm pretty sure there was marshmallow involved in both.  Weird how some vendors have amazingly creamy and sweet marshmallow, and some have plastic chemical nastiness marshmallow.

Vanilla Mint - 'Creamy, sweet mint.'
Flip Flops - 'Tons of coconut mixed into a creamy rich vanilla!'
This one doesn't smell too bad.  It's actually quite nice now, after sitting for a while.  The mint is strong but it is a softly sweet mint.  I don't get a distinguishable coconut note.  I think it's adding to the sweetness and the slight creaminess.  While not quite the dupe of another vendor's coco-mint blend, it's still pretty good.

Strawberry Jam - 'Sweet strawberries in sticky syrup blended with vanilla and sugar.'
Vanilla Mint - 'Creamy, sweet mint.'
I mainly get a sweet strawberry scent right now.  There is just the lightest hint of mint lurking in the background.  I think that might come through more when warmed.

Pomegranate - 'Sweet pomegranate with hints of green.'
Rosemary Mint - 'Rosemary & spearmint leaves.'
This was my crazy blend, the one where I picked random scents in a bold attempt to be wildly creative.  This is the one I was most excited about, and the one I feared most.  I kinda like this!  I'm not too sure what pomegranate smells like on it's own so I don't know how much is really coming through on this.  I do get the mint and some herbal-y greens.  I think there might a hint of sweetness, like the very first fleeting note that passes your nose, that might be the pomegranate.

Key Lime Pie - 'Lime and sweet meringue perfectly blended on a graham cracker crust.'
Tropical Soda - 'Orange, cherry, sparkling red raspberry, blended with dried plum and violet.'
 Vanilla Bean Noel - 'Vanilla sugar cookie, roasted marshmallow, and a hint of caramel.'
This was a freebie chunk in my order.  I had to laugh because on top of the initial funky weirdness, the freebie had to be in Green Bay Packer colors?  Why me??  LOL!  But seriously, this is quite an interesting little blend.  The 'sparkling' part hits you first and it's very much like a lemon-lime type soda, but it's also sort of perfume-y.  I do not get any sort of bakery note from the crust or cookie.  I don't get any creaminess from the meringue or marshmallow or caramel.  It's just a really bright and perky, happy scent.

I placed my order on May 2 and received the package on June 13.  This is a shorter TAT than most vendors these days but it's still long for me.  Everything arrived in fine condition.  Shipping was reasonable.  The scents have settled down but I don't know, they say that first impressions are everything and that first blast of weird harshness has really put a leeriness into me.  I'm considering placing another small order and staying far away from anything with marshmallow in it, and see how it goes, just to be fair.  I don't know when the next shop opening will be.  Maybe I have time to consider this.

Have you tried 'iheartwax'?


  1. This makes me sad. I remember how excited you were making these blends. I've never had this experience with her wax, hopefully yours is more of a freak, isolated event.
    Even if you decide not to gift some of these, I think you should send a sample to someone to see if they can pick up the funky smell too.

    1. I had this post pulled down for a while, and went ahead and sent those tarts to you guys. Julie says she has melted that offending one and the weirdness went away when warmed. I'll probably give that one a go after all and see what happens. I almost threw it out. lol