Friday, June 27, 2014

Haul - Sniff My Tarts

This is my very first order from Sniff My Tarts, a vendor I've long been aware of but never had much interest in ordering from because of the notoriously long turnaround time.  You know how I hate long TATs!  I'm not even sure why I went ahead and placed this order.  It has to be peer pressure.  My evil enabler waxy friends made me do it.  So anyway, I knew I didn't want to place a big order and I was trying to factor in that long TAT to estimate if I'd be in fall scent season or what, and then ended up just grabbing a Coffee Sampler and calling it a day.  Well, it arrived today and I'm pretty darn excited!

I must say, I don't remember if the scents were listed with the sampler when I ordered it, or if they are randomly chosen ones, or what.  I certainly don't remember any of these very unique blends!  I'm not sure I'd ever choose these if I just saw them on the site but I guess that's one good thing about going the sampler route, the fact that you get to try things you might otherwise pass by.

Let's take a look!

Blackberry Marshmallow Latte - 'A blend of blackberry, marshmallow, coffee and cream.'
Blackberry coffee?  Intriguing!  On cold sniff it's strong on the blackberry.  I don't really get any marshmallow at this point, but the familiar bitter coffee note is lurking there in the background.
Coconut Creme Latte - [no scent description]
Coconut creme?  Really??  My very first thought was that it totally reminded me of one of the Lifesavers flavors in the tropical pack.  Is that just plain coconut I'm thinking of?  Well anyway, the first note in this on cold sniff right now is a super creamy and warm coconut scent.  Again, that familiar coffee note is lurking in the background.

Sprinkled Sugar Latte - [no scent description]
Really wish there was a scent description to help with this one.  Usually 'sprinkled sugar' types are sweet perfume-y scents.  There is a hint of sweetness in here, just a wee bit of something possibly candy-like, but the coffee note is the stronger scent in here.  It's not a bitter coffee though.  I really need to find out more about this one.

Orange Danish & Coffee - [no scent description]
This one is not as unusual as the other because I've seen similar ones around, but it's still such a unique scent.  It's mainly a soft, creamy orange scent on cold sniff, sort of like a creamcicle scent.  There is warmth behind it, maybe from the pastry, and a non-bitter coffee note lurking way in the back.  Yummy.

Caramel Cookie Latte - 'Caramel vanilla with a hint of cinnamon cream and coffee.'
 This is a very creamy coffee scent, and surprisingly light on cold sniff.  I don't get any cinnamon note right now.  I don't even get a distinct caramel note, just a lot of rich creaminess mixing with coffee.

Pumpkin Coffee - [no scent description]
I was so so SO excited to see this one!  I'm already anxious for fall scents and have been making lists and plotting orders to stock up on them.  One sniff of this and my brain jumped right over summer and into fall, and for those moments I was at total peace with the world.  LOL!  On cold sniff this is pretty much a straight up pumpkin spice scent and I'm totally okay with that!  It's sort of a creamy, yet fresh pumpkin scent.  Part of the spice might be the coffee, lurking somewhere in there, but I don't care if the coffee is there or not.  This scent is just heaven to me right now.

Caramel Latte - 'Caramel vanilla blended with rich cream and coffee.'
I was happy to see a freebie extra in my order, and thrilled to see that it stuck with the coffee theme.  Like the previous caramel-y coffee one, this is just a creamy, mellow coffee scent right now.  This would be a 'safe' coffee scent for those who aren't sure if they'll like them or not.
And that is my Coffee Sampler from Sniff My Tarts.  I placed this tiny order back during the March 30/31 (?) opening, and received the package June 27.  Everything came nicely packaged in a bubble mailer within a priority box.  Each tart cup was in its own little zip baggie, and then those were all packed together in one larger zip bag for the sampler packaging.  That bag and the loose sample tart were then wrapped in bright green tissue paper.  Everything is very neat and clean, well presented.  The price of the sampler was $12.60.  Shipping was $5.84 and was not charged until later, when the order was actually done and ready to ship.
I'm thrilled with this sampler so far and am really hoping these melt good and strong.  I don't know if I'll ever be a regular Sniff My Tart customer because I just really have no patience for long TATs, but I will say that I'm happy with what I got today.
Are you a Sniff My Tarts fan?  What are some of your favorites?


  1. I am a fan! :-) I wishy order was close but I know I have quite a ways to go. I am SO thrilled you like your order! I was worried the long TAT would sour it for you. I saw a sprinkled sugar cookie latte on their site, maybe they left out the word cookie? Pumpkin! Yay for mini fall excitement teasing your nose! I hope these melt strong and long for you. �� that sounded suggestive... Hm.

    1. I'm in no hurry to order again and yes, it IS because of the long TAT. I tried, but it's just not for me. I'm going back to quick TAT vendors.


  2. I just received my SMT mystery bag and I am really happy with the scents I received. I got one coffee scent in Willow's Chocolate Bacon Cupcake / Hazelnut Coffee / Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Type and I really do like the coffee note, it seems more subtle than other companies'. I can't wait to hear your melted reviews!

    1. Chocolate Bacon Cupcake? That sounds kinda gross. LOL

      Looking forward to melting these!


    2. I thought it would be too! But the bacon is really subtle, like a hint of saltiness here and there! :)