Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Melting Fairy - June '14 Box

Melting Fairy time again!  I was a little bummed to find this month's tarts in scent shot cups again.  I preferred having two tarts of each scent because it was just easier to share, and easier all around because I don't like cutting wax.  I know, I know, most people just melt the whole dang tart.  I suppose it's much easier to make them this way though.  I was also quite bummed to find no chunk blend this month, but I'll get more into that later.

Let's see what I picked for this June box!

Jammin’ Rock Candy (NEW) - 'Base notes of icy peppermint and sugary sweet rock candy blended with citrus and berry notes.'
This is interesting.  I think I quite like it.  I don't think I'd ever guess there is mint in here.  There is a sort of juicy fruity-berry note, along with an almost tart note.  I think the mint might be that part of it, not really adding a minty note to it, but sort of sharpening the overall scent.
Strawberries & Cream (NEW) - 'Fresh, juicy strawberries topped with thick, sweet whipped cream.'
I think I'm going through a strawberry phase.  I never used to care one way or the other about strawberry scents but lately I'm loving all of them that I come across.  So when I saw this was new for June, of course I picked it.  A sweet strawberry, almost candy-like, with a slightly creamy note.
Rainbow Sherbet (NEW) - 'Base notes of vanilla blended with pineapple, oranges, raspberry, and lime.'
This one is very light on cold sniff.  While I think I'm getting a bit of a lime note, this mainly reminds me of freezer pops.
Fruit Tea - 'Green tea blended with fruity notes of peaches, oranges, and spiced cranberries.'
Decided to start stocking up on some tea scents since I'll only be getting one more box after this, and because we can't buy scents individually outside the monthly subscriptions.  I have LOVED The Melting Fairy's tea scents.  I don't know where she gets her fragrance oils but they are awesome.  This is very warm and fall-like, with just a hint of spice.  I will tuck this away until closer to fall, and savor it then.
Chai Tea - 'This scent is a complex and calming blend of creamy soy milk, green tea, spicy cinnamon bark, and light nutmeg notes.'
Also got another Chai Tea because it's just so freakin' yummy.  I think in my post the first time I had it, I might have mentioned it wasn't as creamy as some chai scents I've had.  That doesn't bother me this time.  It's just a nice, spicy tea scent that I will tuck away along with the Fruit Tea, until we get closer to fall.
 Fairy Fluff Cookies - [no scent description]

Since this is two toned and has glitter and is a blend, I thought this was replacing the usual chunk blend tart.  But no, according to the information card included in the box, this is not the blend of the month.  As soon as I saw the Fairy Fluff part of the name I had flashbacks to the chunk in blend in February, which I pretty much hated.  And yeah, this one does nothing for me either.  I don't know what that offending note is but there is a gross plastic-y note that overtakes whatever else is going on in here.  I'm not even going to melt this one.  I'll pass it on or just dump it.

Spiked Berry Lollipop - 'A blend of delicious berry bellini and sweet sugary lollipops.'

This little bunny head tart is apparently the blend of the month because this is the scent that is included on the information card.  Seemed like kind of a ripoff to me at first but I guess the 'freebie' two-toned tart is to make up for the chunky chunk we're used to getting.  As for the scent, I'm not crazy about this one either.  It's light, but what I do get is a tart berry note with a bit of fizz.  There is also something sort of 'off' in this one, something that almost reminds me of a fake black cherry scent.  I'll probably pass this on too.

If you're not familiar with The Melting Fairy, it is a monthly subscription box of wax tarts.  Cost is $14.50 a month, and that includes shipping.  You get to pick five scents from the scent list, and you will receive two 1 oz. tarts a 2 oz. scent shot in each of those scents.  You will also receive a surprise chunk blend each month, and sometimes one of two freebies.  Sign up by the 20th of the month to receive the next month's box.  New scents are added each month.  There is also a Facebook page . . . HERE.


  1. Yay for yummy teas! Those will be a nice treat on a crisp fall day. Sorry about the no chunk tart. Chunks are fun. I hope the freebies in your next box are yummy. Anything that is remotely close to syrup cough medicine is a no go for me. Black cherries can be finicky. Ew. Maybe some fallish scents will get added for you next box too! Or more strawberries.

    1. The next box will be my last, so if none of the new scents scream to me I probably will just stock up on tea scents and be done with it.


  2. I didn't like the 2 toned cup or the fairy fluff (or whatever it was called) in Feburary's box. I am not crazy over the berry bellini bunny either. I did the strawberry and it is nice on cold sniff. Enjoy your melts!

    1. Ugh, I didn't like the Valentine's 'Fluff' one either. And this 'Fluff' had a similar odd note so I've passed it on to someone with a more tolerant nose. I think I sent the bellini bunny to a new home too.

      I'll be getting one more box and then I'm done with The Melting Fairy.


  3. Hmmm, seems this box had lots of misses this time around. I assumed you weren't going to re-up the subscription, but then saw your comment above and you said definitely you wouldn't. The switching between cups and scallop tarts is strange. Ahh well!

    1. I suppose the cups are way easier than tearing off the 'cupcake liner' and cramming two tarts in each baggie, so I can see why that change was probably made. And a lot of people do seem to prefer the cups. Oh well, only one more box and I don't have to worry about it anymore.

      Yep, I was excited to see where this company would go and that's why I did sign up for more months, but I'm confident now that I'm done. It doesn't seem to be getting any bigger or any more well known or any more efficient. It's too bad because it started off so promising.