Sunday, July 6, 2014

Melted - BH&G / Toffee Nut Crisp

Toffee Nut Crisp - [no scent description]

I've been plowing through my wax stash, excitedly working my way back to the Better Homes & Gardens goodies I've been hanging on to.  I'm well aware that people in the wax community scoff at "the Walmart tarts" but whatever.  They are affordable, convenient, and reliably strong . . . most of the time.  This one was on the lighter side, which surprised me.  This was a really nice scent though.  It's a nutty scent, but there is a nice buttery toffee note along with it, and even the slightest hint of possible spice.

I melted two cubes (about .8 oz.) in my tea light warmer and had light-medium scent, and seemed stronger in all other parts of the house away from the warmer.  I was surprised by that.  I'd switched back to my tea light warmer for this because I've never had to worry about the BH&G tarts in there.  Oh well, it was fun to be able to try this one since I have not ever seen it at my local Walmart.  If I ever do see it, I will grab a pack and see if it performs any better.

(These two cubes were part of a gift from a waxy friend.)


  1. I have really enjoyed the BHG tarts you have found for me. Are the fall ones out yet? I remember the infamous "meat" one last year lol! We will stay away from that one.

    1. Oh yeah! The meat tart! I'd forgotten about that one. And it's really funny now that you mention it because earlier today I was reading at the kitchen table and had moved my tea light warmer into the kitchen. I'd also heated up some leftover burgers for my lunch, and hubby happened to come into the room. He said "Smells like something cooking," then noticed the tart warmer and said "Oh, it's a tart." THEN noticed the meat and said "Ah, you DO have food." I laughed and said "A meat tart?"

      Nope, fall scents are not out yet at Walmart. I think they showed up late last year, like late August as opposed to the usual early August.....? I'm keeping an eye on it though! =)


    2. Meat scented tart!! In real life. I hope there are some good cranberry ones. I am hoping to snag the cranberry mandarin you talked about the other day.

    3. If you don't see it at your store, let me know and I'll grab you one from here since that one is already out.

      I was looking back through last fall's BH&G posts and saw there was a pumpkin cranberry one that I'd forgotten about. I hope that one is out again this year! There was also a to-die-for Spiced Cranberry from Scentsationals. Getting excited!