Sunday, July 6, 2014

Melted - BH&G / Warm Hazelnut Toddy

Warm Hazelnut Toddy - [no scent description]

I bought this one last fall and was so in love with it on cold sniff, yet somehow it kept getting pushed aside while I melted other things.  I'm finally (!!) getting around to it now as I madly work my way through my stash before it's time for new fall scents.

I never remember just what a toddy all involves.  I seem to always remember lemon being with it, and old ladies recommending it for colds or sore throats or something.  So I did a quickie Google search and found this on Wiki, 'Traditional Scottish preparation of a hot toddy involves the mixture of whisky, boiling water and sugar or honey. Additional ingredients such as cloves, a lemon slice or cinnamon (in stick or ground form) may be added.'  Going off that, there is no alcohol note in this, and I don't detect any lemon at all, but I do get the slightest hint of warm spices.  Mostly though, it is an almost creamy, rich hazelnut scent.  And I do seem to love creamy hazelnut scents!
I melted two cubes (about .8 oz.) in my tea light warmer and had strong scent and awesome throw.  Later in the day I melted more cubes in my Glade 20 watt warmer and again had strong scent and throw.

While I did enjoy this scent, I think it would be better in the cooler weather of fall or winter.


  1. I always associate toddy scents with a spiced apple cider. But toddy in my life is a hot tea/lemon/honey brew with my some ginger root. I can't imagine hazelnuts in toddies. Breaking out the fall smells!! I think I will do a fall smell tonight too. Our Celtic muffin!

    1. Not intentionally breaking out fall scents. This one had been in my regular scents stash and I had Ty pick a random number.....and ended up with this. Nooo, I'm not ready to dive into my actual fall scents quite yet.


    2. Has Warm Hazelnut Toddy been discontinued? I can't find it anywhere, except at places like Amazon, which charges $7+ for one 6-pack. Any idea where I can get this particular fragrance (Warm Hazelnut Toddy)?

    3. Angie, I got mine last year during the fall release so it might have just been a limited edition fall scent. I don't recall seeing it in my store since then. Sorry I can't help you on this. =(