Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Melted - 'iheartwax' / Vanilla Mint - Flip Flops

Vanilla Mint - 'Creamy, sweet mint.'
Flip Flops - 'Tons of coconut mixed into a creamy rich vanilla!'
When I placed my tiny order of custom blends, my waxy friends suggested that using these two components might equal something close to a certain uber-popular vendor's blend of coconut-peppermint-marshmallow that I love so much.  This version doesn't come close to that, but this is still a pretty nice scent.  The mint is soft and sweet.  The coconut has almost a dry, toasted note to it.  I think that warm coconut note is a little stronger than the mint but the mint is very distinct.  There is almost something cookie-like about this.
I melted this 1 oz. grubby tart in my Glade 20 watt hot plate warmer and had medium-strong scent.


  1. Yummy! Glad I packed this for our trip. Now I want to melt peppermint coconut marshmallow but I am down to two chunks... Must... Wait... For... Order.

    1. I'm down to my last chunk of it. I've moved it to the back of the stash so I'll have it for later in case I don't get back to the store any time soon.


  2. I am finally getting to melting these now that my nose is 98% back in action after a cold. I started with this one and I really liked it! The flip flops scent was veeeeery creamy but definitely a toasted creamy, if that makes any sense, lol. I agree though, this doesn't compare to the other version, which is much stronger on the peppermint. I could definitely see how this might seem like a cookie-ish scent! I liked this quite a bit, thanks for sharing!