Friday, July 4, 2014

Melted - Sniff My Tarts / Blackberry Marshmallow Latte

Blackberry Marshmallow Latte - 'A blend of blackberry, marshmallow, coffee and cream.'

This one kinda made me laugh.  I wasn't noticing any coffee note at all but hubby walked through the room and asked "Do you have a coffee one going?"  He said it smelled like burnt coffee, and didn't like it.  I showed him the name of it and he shook his head, insisting it only smelled like a weird burnt coffee to him.  And that's funny because to me it was just a weird fruity scent, that blackberry note coming through loud and clear but with something attached to it.  Only if I was far away in a different room did I pick up the slightest coffee note, and a bit of creaminess that must have been the marshmallow.

I melted this entire tart in my Glade 20 watt hot plate warmer and had medium-strong scent.

Neither of us cared much for this one.


  1. That is funny how you both picked up on something different but arrived at the same conclusion. I lovd how smell is so varied. I think RG has a blackberry mocha cookie or something and it is strong. And weirdly good. But the raspberry coffee I did not care for. Fruit and coffee is a strange combo.

    1. I hope I get a coffee scent or two in my RG samplers. RG seems to have a sort of note that is unique to them, I want to say it's like a deep creaminess. Know what I mean? It happens with other vendors, there is just a certain something, like a common thread throughout their products.

      Yeah, fruit and coffee are an iffy combination. I have the orange-coffee one going right now and it's weird again.