Saturday, July 5, 2014

Melted - Sniff My Tarts / Caramel Cookie Latte

Caramel Cookie Latte - 'Caramel vanilla with a hint of cinnamon cream and coffee.'

On cold sniff the coffee is strong in this one, but when warmed the other notes become the main scent.  I kept thinking butterscotch for some reason while melting this, even though I knew dang well it was caramel.  Must be something in the other notes that make me think that.  Although cinnamon is listed in here, I really didn't notice any spice note.  This is another deeply rich and creamy scent, with the coffee just beyond the sweetness.  A rich, warm scent. 

I melted this whole tart in my Glade 20 watt hot plate warmer and had strong scent.


  1. I am glad you had luck with this one! SMT has a good cookie scent most of the time. Caramel often smells like butterscotch to me, maybe some vendors use both oils in place of one another?

    1. Sometimes I'll think a caramel scent is butterscotch, but then when I smell butterscotch it's like there is no question it's butterscotch. (If that made sense?) lol

      I'm pretty sure I like butterscotch more.