Thursday, July 24, 2014

Natters - Moving Out?

So it looks like my older son Ty will be moving out soon.  He talked about it a while ago, maybe two years ago, but I don't remember what kept him from doing it at that time.  Back then we'd talked a bit about all the things he'd need for a a place of his own and it was kinda funny naming off some things that you'd probably never really think about until you needed them and didn't have them.  One thing was scissors.  He was shocked when I mentioned it, said he'd have never thought to buy something as simple as scissors.

Well he's talking again about moving out and tomorrow is actually going to look at an apartment.  And once again I've started making a mental list of things to shop for.  He thinks I'm a dork for being so excited about this shopping.  I told him it IS exciting, not only for him, but for me because when hubby and I got together we had no money and everything was pretty much  very well worn hand-me-downs.  I'm excited that he'll be able to have a fabulous looking Christmas tree now, since Minion doesn't let us have one here any more.  I'm excited that he'll be living in town and able to have high speed internet, because our boonies country internet sucks big ballz.  And being excited about shopping for supposedly piddly and boring things keeps from crying over the fact that my firstborn is finally leaving home.

I thought it would be fun to get some help from anyone who is reading this.  What are some things you need to buy for your first apartment?  It can be the obvious things, or it can be things you discovered you needed and never thought of when you first moved out.  You can break it down by room or just natter off an endless list.  You can list things in the comments, or email me (dke [at] centurytel [dot] net), or make this like a tag and answer on your blog with a link here.

If it helps, Ty is 23, very much single, and works in a machine shop.  He's a quiet homebody who likes playing videos games and watching dvds.  He's not at all a cook . . . but hopefully will start to learn some basics.  Not a coffee drinker.  He won't have pets.

So put your thinking caps on and help us out.  =)


  1. Okay, so Josh and I spent tons of time going through our house and writing down everything we could think of for Ty! It is so exciting moving out for the first time away from home, but it's also scary and overwhelming! I wish him all the best in his new adventure, and I hope you're not too sad, Deb! Here's our list.

    -Trash can for every room. We have them in almost all of them. We might just be super messy, but you'd never guess how much trash can accumulate between rooms!
    -A really good whisk.
    -Vegetable peeler. Ikea has them for super cheap and we've had ours for almost a decade.
    -George Foreman grill. We used ours exclusively for the first 2 years we were married until we got a BBQ grill. It is an outstanding kitchen tool!
    -One really good chef's knife. It's much better to have one high quality knife as opposed to a cheaper, crappier set.
    -A set of mixing bowls. These are essential and basically you can cook, bake, and eat with them if necessary. Not that I ate top ramen from them for stretches of time....*shifty eyes*
    -Sponges or scrub brushes for the sink/dishes.
    -Hand soap for the kitchen and bathroom. Bath and Body Works always has sales, Ty! Not all of the scents are "girly" ones!

    -Matches/lighter. Candles are all well and good unless there's a blackout and you don't have these things. It's happened to me.
    -A backup flashlight in every room with extra batteries.
    -To a lesser extent for you guys with earthquakes, but extra water in case of emergency or tornado or anything where you're going to be without it. It sounds crazy, but a week's supply just in case. (I was sitting on the couch during y2k with my pancho, canned goods, and water supply. LOL)
    -Fire extinguisher for under the sink in the kitchen. bank on never having to use it, but they are life savers if you need them.
    -Fingernail clippers. Would you believe Josh didn't have his own pair when we moved out together? Well, they are essential.
    -Chapstick. This sounds stupid and basic, but again, something you'd never think of unless you needed it.
    -Spare keys. Again, speaking from experience. Make sure you mom, your dad, and.or brother have a spare key so you don't get locked out and have to use your pot-loving neighbor's phone to call your younger brother to have him jump the fence and almost break his leg getting in the back door. #YoureWelcome

    -Toiletries. Mom and Dad won't buy these for you anymore if you move out of the house!
    -Dish washing liquid and detergent, same as above.
    -Towels, washcloths, hand towels for the bathroom. And a few spares in case you have guests.
    -Laundry soap, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. Because laundry never stops when you move away, it only. gets. worse.

    -And, of course, his own wax warmer, complete with scents he likes! :)

    1. ..............and here I am trying to think of the three things Lauren forgot. ;)
      In all seriousness ---GREAT LIST Lauren!. I need to go to target and pick up a few things from it. Flashlight in every room? --I should know this already!

    2. Thanks for the list. =)

      I had actually thought about getting him a warmer! LOL He prefers incense though.


    3. Psst - Sunnee....we don't have flashlights in every room either. We have multiple flashlights but they're all in the laundry/utility room. lol

      All yer fancy smancy smartphones can serve as flashlights (an app? standard?) so he'll pretty much always have one with him. hehe


  2. Okay --here's my list:

    Everything that Lauren listed.

    2. Rice cooker (even if it's a cheap 2 cup one) I do find it funny that I'm Asian and this is the first thing I can think of.
    3. fly swatter
    4. coasters
    5. swifter duster (I can't live without this)
    6. Candles for electrical outages
    7. baking soda (one for the freezer and one for the refrigerator)
    8. comet or better yet Bar Keepers Friend (you can clean cookware, cooktops, counters, toilets, sinks --just about everything with it)

    Congrats Ty!

    1. Aha, I had not thought of fly swatters! Thanks for your list. =)


  3. Great lists y'all!!! Ditto on the Foreman. Adam used that beast for dinner almost every night.
    - cleaning supplies
    - toilet brush
    - alarm clock
    - hair dryer?
    - salt/pepper shakers
    - bathroom floor mat/shower curtains?
    - Tylenol/cold medicine/mylanta/tums
    - dish towel
    - tape
    I asked Adam and he said food and toilet paper.
    - chip clip
    - ziplock bags
    - ice cube tray?

    I am excited for y'all and hope it is a wonderful experience! Can I ask if he has any fandoms?

    1. Salt and pepper shakers escaped me as I listed things before asking you guys. Thanks!

      (And we've already talked about the fandoms thing. *wink wink*)


  4. Great lists! The George Forman and rice cooker are perfect for non-cooking youngsters. You can make lots of things in a rice cooker besides rice!

    Does he already have a set of basic tools: multi-tip screwdriver, hammer, pliers and a variety of nails and hooks? I also find a wide putty knife comes in handy for an insane number of things.

    Would also suggest three sets of sheets in case he doesn't get around to doing the laundry for whatever reason. Happens to me all the time :)

    Also an am/fm or emergency band radio in case the power and cell towers go out. You might have to show him how one of those old timey things works ;)

    1. Basic tools! Good one! And I'm going to have to see if my mom ever uses her George Foreman grill. If not, maybe she'll donate it to Ty.


  5. I think we should be reminded that what women and men need are different. All the bachelors I know only use fridge and microwave tooth brush, tv, and game console. Most still eat at home and have mom or girlfriend wash clothes.

    1. LOL - so true! When he saw my shopping list, he seemed to be thinking along those same lines of 'I have my xbox, and I'll get a microwave. Done.' Too funny.


  6. Rice cooker!~ YES!! Those little duster-bobs! YEAH!! Ice cybe trays, spare nails and an extra screwdriver! Your lists are all fabulous! I also second multiple sets of sheets, especially if he plans on having dogs or cats that scratch at them and make you buy a new one every month or two!

    1. He can't have pets in the apartment. He's fine with that because he's never been the one in this family who seems drawn to animals. I do keep telling him he has to take Minion anyway. LOL