Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Natters - Sunflowers

A funny little thing has happened.  Our yard has been neglected this summer for various reasons.  I do try to keep the bird feeders filled somewhat regularly though.  And among the weeds below the feeders, I found this guy growing.  A sunflower!  I suppose it makes since, there are sunflower seeds in the bird food after all.

I had to laugh again because, although I've never been fond of sunflowers, for some reason last fall I had decided I wanted to plant sunflowers if we had a garden this year.  Well, we didn't plant a garden and I'd forgotten that I wanted sunflowers until it seemed like it was too late.  Then I saw this one and suddenly I'm in love with sunflowers!

Do you consider sunflowers a fall flower?  I really don't know much about them.  I just always think of them as cheap and easy seeds that kids grown in milk cartons in elementary school.  I think of them as huge, towering, somewhat ugly things.  I've seen shorter, daintier ones around lately though and now that I see this small one by my feeders, my opinions are changing.  I did a quickie search to see if sunflowers are considered a fall flower/decoration, and ended up at Pinterest, looking at tons of fall decorations.  And suddenly, yes, I am in love with sunflowers!

I really don't know diddly about them though.  Will the center turn to the familiar black over time?  Will those become seeds?  Will birds eat them . . . pick them, or wait till they drop?  When do you plant them?  In the summer so they bloom in fall? 

Funny how things grab our attention, huh?


  1. What a bright spot of fun beauty! I am glad you for your sunflower. I am pretty sure the center will turn black as the seeds mature. You can scatter them or let nature take it's course. I have no idea about planting season on this as our climates are so different. We can have them year round.

  2. So pretty! I'm kind of ambivalent about sunflowers: I think they're lovely in fall arrangements and in other people's yards, but they get kind of ugly when they start to fade and have to be dealt with. Basically, I'm a lazy gardener :D