Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Read - Empower

by Jessica Shirvington
473 pages

'It's all come down to this.

The final battle between Angels and Exiles is about to begin in this stunning conclusion to the must-read series Entertainment Weekly calls "addictive."

Two years ago, Violet Eden walked away from her home, her friends, the Academy, and hardest of all, she walked away from her soul mate, Lincoln.

But it's time to stop running.

Violet must find out who she really is—and exactly what she is capable of—before the abilities the angels gave her are turned against them. She is all that stands between the forces of good and evil...

It's time to make a choice.


I was so anxious for this book to come out.  It is the fifth and final book in the Embrace series, a series that I absolutely loved way back in the beginning.  While I was a bit more disappointed in each new book that came out, I still had high hopes that finale would swing things back around to how great it all was in the beginning because I knew it would be wrapping things up.  

No such luck.

I was soooo disappointed in this book!  I'm tempted to say I hated it.  While I wasn't totally thrilled with the previous book, I think that one would have made a much better finale than this one.  The thing that kills me most is that this book became everything I was so glad the first book wasn't.  In the first book it was refreshing to see relationships that were real, without cheesy melodramatics that all YA books seem to have.  It was great to have a fairly straight forward plot that kept on track and kept a good pace without a lot of fluff and filler.  It was just all . . . good . . . back in the beginning.  This final book is just dripping with sappy conversations and over the top proclaiming of undying love yadda yadda blah blah puke.  I *hate* the common tactic of people in love who decide it's best to not be together because one will get hurt.  I *hated* when author Jessica Shirvington ended the previous book with that cheap cop out tactic, but I knew this book would have to deal with them getting back together so I thought it might be tolerable.  I will say, I was glad to see all the characters in the book telling main character Violet exactly what I was thinking, that she's stupid for running away and trying to 'save' Lincoln by not being with him.

And Lincoln.  Ohhhhhh, Lincoln.  What have you become?  I used to love you for your calm bluntness, your quiet caring.  Now you've become the whiny, face touching, grand sappy statement proclaiming, pansy girl that I hate.

And Phoenix?!  What the heck happened to the hottest guy in all of YA literature???  You used to be so bold and cool and, and, and just . . . hot.  Now you've been reduced to a mopey, whiny, can't look anyone in the eye or do anything because it hurts to see the girl you love and know you can't be with her.  The old Phoenix would have kept pushing.  If Lincoln wasn't stepping up to the plate, the old Phoenix would have kept making himself known even if it was just to get Lincoln moving in the right direction.  No, now you're just some pathetic whiner who does nothing for me.

And once again there is some highly complicated, over blown battle looming that really didn't need to be anywhere near as complicated as it was.  Probably 300 of the 473 pages was researching, plotting, planning how they were going to deal with this latest threat.  Grigori from around the world were assembled.  Military was involved.  High tech teams and maneuvers and strategies in place.  And for what?  A two minute battle that covered maybe three pages?  

I don't know, everything about this book just failed for me.  There was only one part that I liked and that was way back on page 132 when a reunited but still not talking Violet and Lincoln were dueling to see who would command this battle.  She beat him in a physical match but he challenged that result, saying she needed to do it without her guards up.  (She can use her powers to sort of turn her emotions off, and these guards were cranked to the max now that she was back around him.)  He knew what he was doing to her but he forced her to do it anyway.  He wanted to be sure her true feelings were still in there.  And when he did beat her in this second round, he was also there to catch her as she collapsed and just like back in the first and second book, he quietly and simply instructed her to "Put them back up."  Ohhh, with that happening fairly early in the book I was so happy to have old Lincoln back and was so looking forward to the rest of the book.

But no, it just tanked from there.  And I was so bummed.


  1. Boooooooo!!!!! Going to take your advice and read the first and skip the rest!

    1. Well now hang on, you might like the rest of the series. See how you feel after reading the first. I didn't 'hate' until this final book. =)