Thursday, August 28, 2014

Melted - Kim's Tarts / Caramel Apple

Caramel Apple'The scent of a big red juicy apple dipped in warm, buttery caramel.'

As fall creeps up, I have to have apple scents and caramel apple is one of my must-haves.  This one is really nice.  It's a little stronger on the caramel than the apple but both notes are still distinct.  This is more of a salty caramel type, not like some of the sweeter, creamier caramel types other vendors have.  Still, it was a very good scent.
I melted these tarts (three in a pack) in my Glade 20 watt hot plate warmer and my tea light warmers and had very nice medium-strong scent throughout the house.


  1. I love the Fall Slut tag in all of these melts!
    I'm always confused with caramel apple. It reminds me so much of the concession stand type scents and those remind me of summer. Caramel apple should be fall but I can't help but think of summer.

    1. I can see that. It's sweet and fruity, none of the spice of fall. I still think BH&G has my favorite version of caramel apple.

      I need to go back through old posts and add The Fall Slut tag to them. Hehe!