Friday, August 29, 2014

Melted - Kim's Tarts / Mulled Cider

Mulled Cider - 'A fabulous spiced scent!'

Although I'm not a big fan of cider scents, when I was placing by large fall scents order I decided to go ahead and get this because, well, it is a fall scent.  I was surprised to find this wasn't as cider-y as I'm used to cider scents being.  It didn't really have that certain note I always associate with cider.  This was almost more along the lines of that sort of craft-store-in-the-fall spicy potpourri scent.  It wasn't an overwhelming spiciness either.  I liked this one, even though I was weirdly disappointed it wasn't more like the cider scents I don't really like anyway.  LOL!

I melted these tarts (three in a pack) in my Glade 20 watt hot plate warmer and my tea light warmers and had medium scent throughout the house.  It did seem to travel *up* though, because the scent seemed much stronger upstairs.

An interesting tart all around!


  1. To my nose, all Mulled Cider scents seem to smell like spiced orange. I don't get that typical cider scent with them either =) Hope you are enjoying all of your fall scents!!

    1. Yeah, the cider note is sort of orange-y. I can never think of how to describe it. I have Apple Jack & Peel going now and that note is definitely in there, definitely orange-y.

      Have you started any fall scents yet?


    2. Oooh Apple Jack and Peel is another good one! Have to add it to my list of fall scents to get. It's really good mixed with a pine note too!

      Oh yes, every year without fail I start feeling the itch for fall scents towards the middle/end of July. I always make sure to have some fall stuff left over from the year before for that period of time before vendors start offering a lot of fall scents again =)

    3. I usually have leftovers too, but don't think I had any this year. I have a ton of Christmas/winter scents left from last year though.

      I was trying to wait for Sept. 1 to start with fall scents but decided to dive in a bit early with some apple scents. Now I'm feeling like I started to soon and will take a short break.