Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Natters - Have I Abandoned You?

This ol' blog has been kinda quiet lately.  No, I haven't given up blogging or abandoned my internet ways.  Life has gotten pretty darn crazy for me lately though.

On July 31 my mom had hip replacement surgery.  She'd been so looking forward to this because her hips were causing her so much pain that she'd started using a walker a few months ago.  They told her ohhhh, it's an easy procedure these days, nothing like it was years ago.  They said she'd be in the hospital three or four days, and up and around in nearly no time.  I thought I'd stay with her a few days after she came home, just to be sure she was doing okay, and life would be back to normal.

Ha.  No.

She's finally coming home today, THIRTEEN days later.

That first evening, after surgery, they had to give her two bags of fluids and then two bags of blood to get her blood pressure back up to normal and stabilized.  (I've since heard that with bone surgeries, replacing a lot of blood is quite normal.)  Her first nurse that night was this curly haired young dude named Bowen.  I liked him.  He was perky and funny and probably the only thing I've liked about this whole experience.  Mom was so out of it that first night that she didn't even remember me being there, and I was there for three hours.

Should have figured things weren't going to turn out easy peasy when the bouquet of flowers from my sister had yellow flowers in, after she had specifically requested no yellow because Mom hates that color.  lol
And then the card attached not only had my sister's name spelled wrong, but also had the grammar police up in arms over that 'your' in there.  LOL

So anyway, the next day when they tried to get her up for the first time, she says they handled her too roughly and twisted her too fast, and there was a 'pop' in that newly redone hip.  They tried again and it 'pop'ped again.  They stopped and had an xray machine brought in, only to find they'd chipped her hip bone.

W...T...F....?!  Malpractice suit, anyone?

And that has set everything back significantly.  Not only is she more limited in recovery because of the new 'fracture' on the newly redone hip, but now she's scared to death to even *try* doing anything.  Good work, guys!!  So it's been endless running back and forth between home and work and hospital for me these past couple weeks.  We're finally getting her out of there later today.  Of course the hospital is all 'Ohhh, we can get more time from insurance and she can recover more blahblahblah,' but we're thinking she'll be more at ease in her own apartment, getting used to doing things in her own space vs. having them hover over her and usher her around in their space.  And now I'll have to stay longer longer at her place because she's not where we'd hoped she be in her recovery yet.

Ugh, what a mess it's all turned out to be.  She's already decided she's not having the other hip done.  She's going to see if she can get by with cortisone shots in that other hip.  I thought maybe down the road, once this one settles down and she's getting around again, maybe she'd consider having the other done.....but do it someplace else.  I used to think it was stupid when people would complain that they hated a particular hospital because of one bad incident or because of something they'd heard.  Well, I can understand it now.  I hate that hospital and all those in it (except Bowen).  It's not even just the hip chipping thing.  It's the lack of information and contact, the slow reaction time by nurses, just everything is seeming to be really.....lacking.  I shouldn't be surprised I guess, since I hate that particular town anyway.

While all that apparently hasn't been crazy enough, Ty moved into his own apartment in the middle of the chaos.  There were several days of running around for him for First Apartment Essentials, moving things, helping him get utilities and things set up.

The coolest thing about his apartment?  It's #7, just like my Vikings boy Ponder.  *dorky clap*

When you first come in you're looking down a short hall, with the kitchen off to the left, and a hall closet at the end.

Looking into the tiny kitchen from that hall doorway.  The open area beyond is the dining area.

Standing in that dining area, looking back through the kitchen towards the entry hall.

Looking at the dining area from the living room area.

Same wall, other part of the living room.

From the living room if you come into it from the hall, looking towards the bathroom (door on right), extra bedroom (straight ahead), and Ty's bedroom (door on left).

Tiny, ancient bathroom.  This is an older building but I was surprised by how many things need updating.  This bathroom still looks rather 1970s.  I'm easily "Eeuw!"ed about things, and this is one of them.  I told Ty and hubby I was having flashbacks to living in the mobile home we had for a while.

Ty's bedroom.  The other is basically the same, but slightly smaller.  He'll just use the other one for storage for now.

It's not bad for a first apartment.  He seems thrilled with it even while I cringe at the yellowed and ancient things like light-switch and outlet plates and thermostat control, and that 'someone else lived here' smell and feel.  I know once he gets his things in there and settled, and after I've been there a few times, the icky feeling will go away.  I haven't had a chance to get back there since that first weekend when he moved.  Hopefully with being off work for a while now to tend my mom I'll be able to get over there and maybe go shopping for a few more things.  He still doesn't have furniture beyond his bed, TV, computer chair, and card table/chairs.  He doesn't have a computer yet, and won't even get internet hooked up until next week.  I'd think that would be killing a computer kid like him but he's only been back home once to use ours.  I think his work schedule has been crazy enough lately that he hasn't had a chance to miss it yet.  

He did receive a First Apartment Essentials gift from my waxy friend Julie though!

Lord of the Rings potholders!  Julie is so dang crafty.  She'd asked if he was interested in anything in particular and when medieval fantasy was one of the things he mentioned, it was Lord of the Rings that he got.  And being potholders is funny because of a family joke we have (that I also told Julie).  Ya see, several years ago on Thanksgiving, I already had the turkey in the oven when hubby and I had to leave briefly for some reason.  I asked Ty to check the turkey, baste it, turn the pan.  He did, but didn't realize that the edge of the potholder was actually touching the heating element at the bottom of the oven.  He figured it out when the potholder started smoldering.  Doh!!!  Flaming potholders have been a joke in this house ever since.  So yeah, his laughter in that first photo is more from the realization of just WHAT the gift was than anything else.  He loves them though, and says they'll hang proudly and not be smoldering.

And that's why things have been rather dull here on the blog lately.  I haven't even really been melting anything because I haven't been home long enough at any one time to enjoy, so I don't even start one.  I did sneak in a melt yesterday though, and I do have one going now before I have to go get my mom, but I can't melt any tarts while I stay at her place.  I also won't have internet while I'm there.  I'm hoping to zip back home at least once a day to just check email and Facebook, just to try and keep up with news and whatnot.  And when she's sturdy enough to be on her own again, I am sooooooooo looking forward to getting back into the swing of my normal life.

Hope you are all living a lot more peaceful life!


  1. I am exhausted just thinking about your past couple of weeks Deb. We have missed you! Hopefully she will heal quickly and normalcy will quickly return. <3

    1. This delayed reply is probably pointless by now but thanks. She's coming along better now after an awesome pep talk from her new physical therapist.


  2. Glad your mom is finally going home and is on the road to recovery! Her experience reminds me of my father's.... last year he had a pacemaker put in and they punctured his lung in the process!!!

    1. Doh! Hope it wasn't too much of a setback for him! My mom is coming along now after a slow start.


  3. Aww, your poor mom! I hope she's more comfortable at home and feels better very soon.

    Congrats to Ty on the new place! I am so envious of his second bedroom :D

    Julie, the potholders are amazing!!! Love the Eye!

    1. Thanks. She's doing much better now.

      Since posting this, Ty has gotten a computer and a bit of furniture. He's also found that the roof leaks. Ugh.


  4. UGH @ THAT HOSPITAL. I don't blame her for not wanting to get the other hip done. You're right, though, maybe when she has time to settle in with this one and the bad memories of the "popping" pieces fade away. I can't imagine. It's so good that your mom is home now, make sure she doesn't push it! :)

    Also, Ty's apartment is so cute! Very lovely place! Lucky #7, too. :)

    1. In a way, I'm hoping she never does have that other hip done because I don't want to go through all of this again either. Gah!

      I *still* have not been back to Ty's place. And he's got a bit more furniture now! I need to get back there. Maybe this weekend.....