Monday, September 29, 2014

Melted - Kim's Tarts / Pumpkin Marshmallow

Pumpkin Marshmallow - 'Cardamom, cinnamon, marshmallow, cooked pumpkin, Madagascar vanilla, buttermilk, caramel glaze, and a hint of graham cracker.'

One of these days I'll learn to just stop ordering Pumpkin Marshmallow scents.  I don't think I've liked any, and I've tried them from different vendors.  This one had so many yummy sounding things in the description though, so I must have thought it would be different.  Nope.  This one has that mysterious note that kills this scent every time for me.  It's sort of a harsh or bitter note.  It's not something wrong with this tart specifically because I keep finding this particular scent note in the Pumpkin Marshmallow scents that I try.  This is definitely not a sweet, creamy, warm bakery scent like I'd hoped for.

At least not to me.

I started melting this in my tea light warmer but did not let it go very long, maybe 30 minutes at most.  The scent was strong, so it's good that this would have performed well, just too bad it was a scent I couldn't tolerate.

Melted - Kim's Tarts / Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin Bread - 'A warm and scrumptious blend of spicy pumpkin pie filling blended in a sweet bread with creamy vanilla, butter, spices and pralines.'

I'd been hoping to wait until at least October first before I started melting pumpkin scents but as I'm dipping into my fall stash these days I'm finding about 95% of what I have left are pumpkin scents.  I have some cranberry scents but I'm trying to hold onto them until closer to Thanksgiving.  I'll have to remember to get more apple and generic fall blends next year.
So yeah, I can't really say too much about this one because, sadly, there was almost no scent.  At the very beginning, there was a short burst of really nice, warm and creamy pumpkin with some hints of bread notes mixed in.  It faded quickly though.  I had one of these tarts going in my tea light warmer in the kitchen, and one going in my Glade 20 watt hot plate warmer in the next room.  The only scent I really got was from the tea light warmer.  I had to leave the house for a while to run some quick errands and when I got back I still could not smell anything.  Usually leaving the house and coming back into it will expose whatever scents are lurking.  But nope, not this time.

Huge bummer, but I'm not frowning upon Kim's Tarts in general.  I've always had good luck before, and you'll always get a dud eventually, no matter what vendor you're using.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Haul - Petals Bath Boutique

Petals Bath Boutique has been one of my favorite vendors in the handcrafted soap world ever since I discovered it back in my own soap making days.  It had been a while since I ordered from Kia, but since I'm *trying* to get back into handcrafted bath and body products, and because I happened to catch her Fall Release when it went live, I went ahead and got a few things.

   The Great Pumpkin - 'Baked pumpkin puree seasoned with brown sugar, spices and a splash of sparkling butter rum topped with crunchy toffee bits.'

This guy is one of the main reasons I ordered.  I'm confused about the label though because the scent description on there says 'Autumn apples, brown sugar, spices, dollop of caramel.'  Probably just a goof, since I don't know why an apple scent would be called The Great Pumpkin.  Anyway, it's weird to be sniffing soap again.  It's quite different from sniffing wax because with soap you get that 'soap' note along with whatever scent it is.  So now, for me, my first reaction is 'I just smell soap.'  LOL  
I mainly *do* just smell soap with this one.  There is a hint of pumpkin spice, but that's about all I'm getting.  Hopefully the scent comes out more in the shower.

Candied Figs - 'A deliciously rich fragrance blend of wild Moroccan figs drizzled in caramelized sugar and blackstrap molasses with a warm finish of maple extract and vanilla musk.'

I can't remember if I've tried the body custard from Petals.  I know I've tried the sugar scrubs.  I'm getting toward the end of the lotions/creams in my stash that I know I like, so I thought I'd go ahead and try one of these.  I was a bit bummed by the scent selection, and was even leery of this one but decided to go ahead and take a chance.  Oh my gooshness!  This scent is amazing!  There is a definite musky perfume note about it, but it's an amazing 'dark' scent, slightly spicy.  I love it.  I noticed she has soap in this scent, so I might run back to the site and order a bar.  I have not actually tried this 'custard' yet, but if I do like it I'll get more in this scent.
Pumpkin Cheesecake - 'Cardamom, ground cinnamon, Vermont maple, pumpkin puree, cream cheese, and caramelized sugar topped with vanilla whipped cream.'

I had noticed earlier this year that soap maker Kia was now offering wax tarts on her site once in a while.  I always missed out on them so this time I was determined to try some.  I had several in my cart to begin with but by the time I went to checkout some were already sold out.  I did manage to get this one though!  I don't get a cheesecake note (you know that sort of 'sour' note?) or much of a creamy note, but I do get the deep, pumpkin spice scent again.  I'm anxious to see how this performs.  It is a 1.7 oz. tart so I'll probably chop it in half.  The wax is quite soft and oily feeling but I don't see or feel any oily residue on my hands.

Kia was very generous with samples and extras, so let's she what she sent!
(Thank you, Kia!!)
Pink Sugar - 'A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam on a dry down of musk.'

 I received these two tiny heart tarts in Pink Sugar scent.  I think everyone is familiar with the Pink Sugar scent by now, right?  It's along the lines of that Candied Figs scent, now that I sniff this.  There is fruitiness and some sweetness, with the musky perfume note, and somehow it comes across as a 'dark' perfume.  These hearts are tiny, only  a combined weight of .5 oz., but I'll melt them and see how they perform.

Frosted Lime Cupcake - 'Persian lime and lemon zests with middle notes of meringue rounded off on a base of royal vanilla icing and moist creamed cake.'

There isn't actually a scent on the label but going by the colors and what looks like a lime embed, I'm guessing this is indeed Frosted Lime Cupcake.  This is much bigger than the normal samples.  I think this might the size of her mini loaf bars.  Awful darn generous for a freebie!  Thank you again, Kia!  I do get a slight hint of cake note, with a nice lemon-lime note.  Reminds me of 7Up without the fizz.  This is a nice bright and happy scent.  Might hang onto this for spring.

Cider Barrel - 'Apple cider with a kick! A delicious plethora of crisp autumn apples simmered to perfection with spicy notes of cinnamon, cloves & brown sugar & caramel.'

This is sort of the Petals signature soap.  If I remember correctly, it is a custom blend that Kia created, not just some generic apple cider fragrance oil.  I'm not a huge fan of cider scents.  This one is nice though.  It doesn't have so much of that 'cider' note.

Phantom - 'A wickedly sensual blending of purple plums and sweet citrus leaf entwined with dark woods on a base of warm vanilla.'
Another sample, this is Phantom.  I considered ordering this because plums and vanilla had me thinking it might be a dupe of Dark Kiss or something from Bath & Body Works.  In the end though, when it became a rush to checkout because things were selling out, I skipped this.  Kinda glad I did.  It's a little too 'powdery' perfumey for me.  Definitely not was I was thinking or or hoping it would be.  Oh well, that's why we get samples . . . to try new scents.

Candy Rocks - 'A juicy blend of sugared berries with a tangy splash of citrus and an icy blast of peppermint candy.'

And the last of my free samples.  I think I had considered ordering this one too because of that mention of peppermint.  Again, glad I didn't.  It's not a bad scent, but I don't get much peppermint, if any.  I mainly just get the sugared berries notes.

That is my Petals Bath Boutique order from the Fall Release.  I'm really hoping I like the body custard because I'd like to go back and get more, maybe see if I can get an unscented one too.  I'm definitely going to keep my eye on the site as winter approaches, see what kinds of scents she has for that.
Have you tried Petals Bath Boutique?  Do you have a favorite Petals scent or product?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Haul - Target & Dollar Tree / Fall

The Fall Slut strikes!

I did a bit of shopping today.  You know that kind of shopping where you just have to go because you're bored and then you buy things you absolutely don't need?  Yeah, that was me today.  Luckily it was mostly cheap, dollar stuff . . . for fall!  I'd been having an itch to check Dollar Tree for fall things, and wanted to get back to Target to see if their dollar bins had been switched to fall stuff yet.  I'd also been thinking about picking up a few fall things for Ty's apartment.  There were sooooooo many more things that I wanted but I found a trace of self control and tried to minimize the damage.

Got this cute door mat for Ty.  It's really cheap, really thin and light foam.  No biggie if it gets trashed or if someone swipes it.  It was only $1.00 at Dollar Tree.  My plan had been to buy these things, then stop back at his place while he worked, and set them out.  I thought it would be funny for him to get to his door and wonder what the heck this mat was doing there.  LOL!  But no, when I got back to his place, I couldn't get his door open.  The key felt like it was opening the lock but the door just wouldn't open.  I remember him saying something about it sticking or being tricky or something, but I gave up and left, bummed that my surprise wouldn't happen.

This is one of those stiff felt decorations.  I don't know if they're meant to be placemats or what but I bought one last year set it in the center of my kitchen table.  It looked nice, worked fine, and was cheap.  So I grabbed this one for Ty.  He doesn't have a proper table yet but he has a card table set up until he gets one, and I thought he could put this on there.  ($1.00, Dollar Tree)

Grabbed this pumpkin one too, figuring he could change to this from Halloween to Thanksgiving.  ($1.00, Dollar Tree)

They had a bunch of different styles and colors of these little pumpkins/gourds decorated with flowers.  I love these!  I wanted to grab a bunch for myself.  I only grabbed this one though, for Ty.  It's small, around four inches tall.  I thought it could sit in the center of his table, or maybe go on the one small end table he has.  ($1.00, Dollar Tree)

Highly doubtful he'll carve any pumpkins for himself, so I grabbed this little guy for closer to Halloween.  There is a switch on the bottom and the face lights up and flashes different colors.  This is a little bigger than the one above, but still fairly small.  ($1.00, Dollar Tree)

This one, I'm not sure if it will go to Ty or stay with me.  It's a plastic candy dish (or chips, crackers, whatever), orange-y tan color, shaped like a maple leaf.  I have several candy dishes already, so I thought this small one would be cute for Ty to have on his counter or computer desk or something.  ($1.00, Dollar Tree)

Stumbled across these kitchen towels and pot holders and immediately had to grab them for myself.  Remember when I was whining about not having any 'early fall' decorations?  Well these just have leaves on them, no pumpkins or anything to hint at later fall things like Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Yay!  ($1.00 each, Dollar Tree)

Headed over to Target and found this super cute squishy, felted pumpkin.  This is fairly small too, maybe three or four inches wide.  Figured Ty could set this anywhere . . . desk, table, TV stand, top of fridge, etc.  ($1.00, Target)

In my mind, this wooden pumpkin looks perfect in one corner of Ty's kitchen counter.  I'm sure it would look cute anywhere, and if he doesn't want it, I'll happily find a place for it here at home.  ($3.00, Target)

I also grabbed this wooden turkey one so he can switch the pumpkin one closer to Thanksgiving.  Or just set both out.  He does have a lot of empty spaces to fill!  These are so dang cute, if he decides to keep these, I might just go back and grab more for myself.  They are about nine inches tall.  ($3.00, Target)

They had soaps and lotions in the dollar bins, and when I saw this one was Cranberry Vanilla, I grabbed it.  I tried to smell it in the store but there was a foil seal over the opening.  I wasn't expecting miracles, being so cheap, but thought it would be pleasant enough for the season.  Unfortunately this one is an epic fail.  It smells horrible, nothing cranberry OR vanilla about it.  Just smells like something industrial.  It's a horrible lotion too, a clear-ish white gel looking goo with a liquid-y mess around it.  I tried shaking up the contents to mix it but it didn't seem to matter.  And it almost immediately dried my hands out.  I mean, DRY!  It was like that tight, dried out feeling you get after washing your hands with cheap soap.  Only this was after using lotion!  Bad, bad, bad.  Good thing I only wasted a dollar.  ($1.00, Target)

I browsed the grocery aisles because I keep hearing you can find all these wonderful fall foods at Target that you can't find other places.  I did see the Tazo pumpkin spice latte mix, and the Pepperidge Farm Miano pumpkin spice cookies the were talked about on Instagram but decided to hold off on getting them.  Not sure then, why I decided to go ahead and grab these . . . ?  I eat cereal bars and granola bars all the time at work so I always have some on hand here at home.  I probably won't actually try these until closer to Halloween, but for some reason I couldn't help grabbing them now.  ($1.99, Target)

And then this.  It isn't fall related but I was happy to find it.  My sister posted something on Facebook the other day about the Yes To company having a coconut line now.  The Yes To company is one I always say I'm going to start using, but then the cheap side of me shies away when I actually go to pick something out.  Coconut was too enticing though, and I had to see if it was available yet.  And it was!  I was tempted to grab the body wash, but settled for this lip balm instead.  I'll dig up some Yes To coupons online, and maybe get something else next time I'm shopping.  I haven't actually used this yet but hey, I guess the colors on the package to make it a bit fall-ish, huh?  ($2.84, Target)

That's my fun little fall haul.  I really hope Ty will accept these things, that he doesn't find them too dorky for a young single guy's apartment.  I want him to have a homey and inviting place, not just a space he spends time in.  But if he really doesn't want them, I know this Fall Slut will gladly adopt them.

Have you found any cute or interesting things for fall this year?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Melted - Rosegirls / Ooey Gooey Caramel, Marsh.Smooth., Celt.Moon.

Ooey Gooey Caramel, Marshmallow Smoothie, Celtic Moonspice - [no scent description]

This was a blend from the round of the Muffin Club that my waxy bloggy friends and I did earlier this year.  I think I did melt part of this a while ago but never did a Melted post because I wanted to wait and get it into the fall scents posts.  So I've finally melted the rest of this, and am finally posting about it.  I mainly get the spicy notes of the Celtic Moonspice in this blend.  There is a little bit of softening from the creaminess of the caramel and marshmallow, a little bit of comforting warmth, but it's definitely a spicy scent.  And now that I've waited till fall for this, it's funny that I don't really find this to be a fall scent anymore.  This would be nice any time of year.
I chopped up this muffin and melted about 1 oz. worth in my tea light warmer and had medium-strong scent.

Melted - Rosegirls / Candy Corn, Marsh.Smoothie, Butterbrickle

Candy Corn, Marshmallow Smoothie, Butterbrickle - [no scent description]

This is such a yummy scent, such a deep and creamy vanilla bakery scent.  Hubby had left the house for a bit and when he came back in he looked around the kitchen, realized it was a tart I had going, and said, "Damn, I thought for sure you were making cookies or cake or something, that you were baking something."  Casey agreed.  And they're right!  There was a vanilla cake, or sugar cookie type note to this.  Just another really smooth, safe, and homey kind of scent.

I cut this chunk in half and melted about 1 oz. worth in my tea light warmer and had good strong scent.

Melted - Rosegirls / Hot Apple Pie, Pecan Waffles, Pie Crust

Hot Apple Pie, Pecan Waffles, Pie Crust - [no scent description]

Back when my waxy bloggy friends and I were creating blends for our second round of Muffin Club, hubby got into the action by coming up with a few blends of his own.  This was one of his, and although it didn't make to our final cuts for the Muffin Club, I did include it in the small personal order I made when the Rosegirls site opened in June.  This turned out to be a pretty nice blend!  On cold sniff it seemed like the apple came through more.  Warmed, the pie crust and waffle notes really come out as the main notes.  It's sort of a creamy, buttery, bakery scent with softer notes of apple deep within, and even softer hints of spice.  A rather safe, homey scent.

I cut this muffin into thirds and melted about 1 oz. worth in my tea light warmer and had lovely strong scent.

Melted - Rosegirls / Cinnamon Glazed Oranges

Cinnamon Glazed Oranges - [no scent description]

I first smelled this early this year when I went to the Rosegirls store for one of my waxy bloggy friends.  I had thought it was an excellent fall scent and decided to wait till fall and try my luck at getting some.  When I saw this chunk in my sampler order, I was very happy.  Weird to find that I now don't think it's very fall-like.  Doh!  It's still an interesting scent, but it sort of brings Christmas to mind more than fall.  I think I might mentioned in my haul post that there was almost an effervescent note to this.  Someone commented that it reminded them of straight up orange pop.  The fizzy note toned down a bit when this was warmed.  It became a deeper orange scent, if that makes any sense, but was still sort of a happy scent.  The spice wasn't really spicy, just added more of warm base to the zesty orange.

I melted half of this tart (about 1 oz. worth) in my tea light warmer and medium scent but that was ok, because I don't think this is the type of scent to be hitting your nose hard.

Melted - Rosegirls / Toffee Apple Streuselkuchen

Toffee Apple Streuselkuchen - [no scent description]

Streuselkuchen, in real life, is a type of coffee cake.  I don't know exactly what the Rosegirls scent Streuselkuchen includes but it's wonderful on its own.  I was so happy to see this chunk in my sampler order!  To me this was mainly a caramel apple scent.  That's quite alright because it's a super yummy, creamy, buttery caramel and a sweet juicy apple.  There was maybe a tiny hint of spice while this was warm, maybe the slightest trace of bakery note way down deep.  Maybe the Streuselkuchen was working silently to boost the caramel part of this scent.  It IS quite yummy.  If you're looking for that Streuselkuchen scent though, no, this was way stronger on the Toffee Apple.

I melted half of this chunk (about 1 oz. worth) in my tea light warmer and had medium scent.  Would have loved this to be stronger.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Melted - Kim's Tarts / Trick of Treats

Trick or Treats - 'Top notes of pumpkin, persimmon, and apple; followed by middle notes of blueberries, elderberries, currants, orange and cinnamon; and well rounded with base notes of sugar cane and vanilla.' 
With a name like Trick or Treats, my mind automatically goes to a sweet, fun type scent.  This is more warm and softly spiced.  There is a bit of sweetness deep down in there, sort of a juicy note, but the bulk of this is more warm and foodie.  I really did like it though!  It kinda reminds me of a freshly cut into pumpkin, when you're still scooping the guts out of it, and maybe there is some cider simmering somewhere off in the distance.  Not overly spicy.  Not overly bakery.  This would be a 'safe' fall scent for those who are a little more sensitive.
I melted one of these tarts (three in a pack) in my tea light warmer and had medium-strong scent.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Haul - Rosegirls (June 21 Opening)

With the chaos that surrounds a Rosegirls website opening, I hadn't really considered ever trying to place an order.  Why should I have to when I live so close to their actual store?  Well, because when you go to the store you never know what will be available on the shelves.  And more recently there has been some drama and concern with the way people are buying things at the store too.  So if you want something specific, you're still stuck trying your luck on Website Opening Day.

My three waxy bloggy friends had talked me into doing another round of Muffin Club for this June opening.  It was pretty crazy coming up with blends beforehand, and pretty stressful trying to narrow down our picks.  Along with our Muffin Club order, which Lauren was once again in charge of placing, my waxy cohorts were going to try and get their own personal orders in too.  I finally decided heck with it, I'd try to place an order too.

And I managed to get one in!  With the notorious long turn around time, everyone was anticipating getting these in time for fall.  I decided to stick with fall/winter scents.  My order was ready, so I picked it up today from the Rosegirls store, along with my samplers order.

Cranberry Streuselkuchen
 I was so thrilled to see that I'd gotten a chunk of this in my sampler order, and then even more thrilled to know I had a whole bag of it.  This is such a perfect Thanksgiving scent.  It can almost be considered a contender in the elusive 'spiced cranberry' category we were talking about in another post.  

Cider Lane, Sweet Pumpkin Pie, and Marshmallow Smoothie
I had to laugh at this one.  While I was browsing the nearly bare shelves of the store today, I picked up a bag of this, sniffed it, and put it back thinking it was nothing like I'd expected and that I didn't really like it.  Got home and found I not only had a chunk of it in my sampler, but I'd ordered a whole bag of it!  Taking time to really smell it now, I mainly get that awesome Rosegirls marshmallow scent, with traces of pumpkin.

Decided to order a bag of this to have for Christmas, figuring I'd take my chances on fancier blends later on in visits to the store.  The scent description says this is 'balsam fir with berries and a touch of citrus.'  I'm finding I really don't like it.  There is nothing Christmas-y about it.  There is no distinct Christmas tree type note.  It's just a very perky, almost powdery, perfume-y type scent.  What a bummer.  I'll pass this along.  Or, I wonder if I can exchange it at the store?  Hmmm.

Pumpkin Chai, Pecan Waffles, Pumpkin Cupcake
(4 muffins)
This was one of the blend ideas for our Muffin Club that didn't make, but I went ahead and included in my personal order.  Ohh, it smells pretty darn good.  Excellent for late fall, making me think once again of Thanksgiving day.  Soft on spice, big on creamy warmth.  Yum yum yum.

Hot Apple Pie, Pecan Waffles, Pie Crust
(4 muffins)
Even hubby had played around coming up with scent blend ideas for our muffin club.  He was bummed that we didn't use any of his, although this one *almost* made the final cut.  I decided to go ahead and order this for him.  He loves it, says it's a nice Christmas scent.  I thought he was crazy but he's right.  It does make me think more of Christmas for some reason, than of fall.  I think the Pecan Waffles is the strongest note, but the warmly spiced apples do make their presence known.

Sweet Lavender, Cotton Candy Frosting, Vanilla Wafers
Rosegirls owner Jenny kindly threw in two free extras with my order.  This muffin smells pretty nice even though my first instinct was to poo-poo the lavender.  The creaminess from the frosting and the bakery note from the wafers tone down the lavender.  This is a happy bakery scent.

Kaelyn's Scotcheroos
I was almost disappointed to see this scent.  I recently received a large chunk of this as part of a gift from a waxy friend and was instantly put off by that odd harsh note that I think comes in RG's caramel or butterscotch.  (I haven't pinned it down yet.)  But this chunk doesn't have that nasty note at all.  This chunk smells quite different than the one gifted to me.  I do like this one.  It's sweet, gooey, butterscotch scent.

That is my small personal order.  I'm pretty well set for wax for quite a while now.  And I still have my part of the Muffin Club order coming one of these days!

Did you manage to place an order during that last opening?  Have you received yours yet?  What are some of your favorite new RG discoveries?

Haul - Rosegirls (April 6/Samplers)

This post is going to be extremely picture heavy so I'll *try* to keep the words to a minimum.

When Rosegirls opened their site way back in April they did something a little different.  Buyers could order samplers only.  There were two choices: Fruity Sampler, or Bakery Sampler.  You were limited to two, whether it was two of the same, or one of each.  Most people chose one of each.  The idea of doing these samplers was to allow more people to order and have a chance of finally being able to try Rosegirls wax.  These samplers would be filled using the excess chunks from custom orders that were being worked on, so not everyone would receive the same chunks in their samplers.
I ordered two samplers, one of each.  I picked up my order at the Rosegirls store today and will now show you what I got.  I decided to go ahead and show a pic of each scent in this post instead of waiting to do individual 'Melted' posts on each because I have a feeling quite a few of these are going to be shared with waxy friends and family.

Let's take a look at the 31 chunks I received!

Cider Lane, Sweet Pumpkin Pie, and Marshmallow Smoothie
A lot of marshmallow hits you on first sniff.

Candy Corn, Marshmallow Smoothie, and Butterbrickle
Very nice deep, creamy vanilla type scent.

Motion In The Ocean
Can't identify it but it's sort of spa meets bakery.

Celtic Moonspice Coffee
Spicy coffee.

Marilyn's Margarita
Very lime-fizzy.  Very bright and happy.

Cinnamon Glazed Oranges
Almost fizzy spiced orange scent.

Orange Sherbet Pomegranate
Creamy, almost candy-like fruit.

Strawberry Cereal Killer Ice Cream
Ohhh, I do so love their super creamy ice cream scents.

Frosted Summer Breeze
Clean, almost powdery.  I suspect this is a Downy/laundry scent.

Singing In The Rain
Another crisp, clean scent.  Laundry or spa type.

Pear Pleasure
Nice, seemingly straight up pear scent.  Smells almost like apples.
Monster Cookie Fluff Puffs
Always good to have more of this classic.  Smells like Golden Grahams cereal.

Strawberry Jam, Cream Cheese Frosting, and Waffle Cone
Strong on the waffle cone.

Cherry Berry Punch Smoothie
Very bright, cherry Lifesavers, toned down just slightly by cream.

Watermelon Peppermint Smoothie
Was this our fabulous blend in Muffin Club #1?  Creamy with just hints of soft mint and sweet watermelon.

Starman's Starfruit Swizzle Sticks
Familiar but I can't place it.  A summery, fruity scent.

Strawberry Euphoria
Strong on strawberry, perhaps a hint of creaminess.

Strawberry Shortcake Vanilla Bean Noel
Strong on strawberry again, but a bit warmer.

Peppermint Coconut Mallow
An absolute favorite of mine!  Soft, sweet, mint.

Cranberry Streuselkuchen
Was thrilled to get this for fall.  Really good balance between the cranberry and bakery notes.

Sweet Lavender Marshmallow
I must be warming up to lavender because this is comforting.  A slightly warm lavender scent.

Save The Drama For Your Mama
No clue what's in here.  It's very light, and kinda blah.

Toffee Apple Streuselkuchen
I was sooo hoping I'd get this!  Mainly getting the caramel apple notes right now.

Lemon Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cake
Mainly get the delicious rich and creamy ice cream note on cold sniff.

Bird of Paradise and Raspberry Sauce
Don't really like this one.  Kinda sour fruity.

Lemon Wildberry Birthday Cake
A nice cake scent.

Cereal Killer Crunch Berries
Smells like a toned down version of Fruit Loops.

Warm Voodoo
Perfume-y.  A little bit sweet.

Posh Pristine Peach
I get the watermelon note first, hints of peaches and cream behind it.

Beach Vacation
Soft, almost powdery, hints of coconut.

Mango Monster Cookies
Mainly the Monster Cookies scent.

And that's it!  Those are my two Rosegirls samplers.  Did you find any favorites?  Anything new?  Some of these I will pass along to others, but a lot of these I'm really anxious to try.