Saturday, September 27, 2014

Haul - Petals Bath Boutique

Petals Bath Boutique has been one of my favorite vendors in the handcrafted soap world ever since I discovered it back in my own soap making days.  It had been a while since I ordered from Kia, but since I'm *trying* to get back into handcrafted bath and body products, and because I happened to catch her Fall Release when it went live, I went ahead and got a few things.

   The Great Pumpkin - 'Baked pumpkin puree seasoned with brown sugar, spices and a splash of sparkling butter rum topped with crunchy toffee bits.'

This guy is one of the main reasons I ordered.  I'm confused about the label though because the scent description on there says 'Autumn apples, brown sugar, spices, dollop of caramel.'  Probably just a goof, since I don't know why an apple scent would be called The Great Pumpkin.  Anyway, it's weird to be sniffing soap again.  It's quite different from sniffing wax because with soap you get that 'soap' note along with whatever scent it is.  So now, for me, my first reaction is 'I just smell soap.'  LOL  
I mainly *do* just smell soap with this one.  There is a hint of pumpkin spice, but that's about all I'm getting.  Hopefully the scent comes out more in the shower.

Candied Figs - 'A deliciously rich fragrance blend of wild Moroccan figs drizzled in caramelized sugar and blackstrap molasses with a warm finish of maple extract and vanilla musk.'

I can't remember if I've tried the body custard from Petals.  I know I've tried the sugar scrubs.  I'm getting toward the end of the lotions/creams in my stash that I know I like, so I thought I'd go ahead and try one of these.  I was a bit bummed by the scent selection, and was even leery of this one but decided to go ahead and take a chance.  Oh my gooshness!  This scent is amazing!  There is a definite musky perfume note about it, but it's an amazing 'dark' scent, slightly spicy.  I love it.  I noticed she has soap in this scent, so I might run back to the site and order a bar.  I have not actually tried this 'custard' yet, but if I do like it I'll get more in this scent.
Pumpkin Cheesecake - 'Cardamom, ground cinnamon, Vermont maple, pumpkin puree, cream cheese, and caramelized sugar topped with vanilla whipped cream.'

I had noticed earlier this year that soap maker Kia was now offering wax tarts on her site once in a while.  I always missed out on them so this time I was determined to try some.  I had several in my cart to begin with but by the time I went to checkout some were already sold out.  I did manage to get this one though!  I don't get a cheesecake note (you know that sort of 'sour' note?) or much of a creamy note, but I do get the deep, pumpkin spice scent again.  I'm anxious to see how this performs.  It is a 1.7 oz. tart so I'll probably chop it in half.  The wax is quite soft and oily feeling but I don't see or feel any oily residue on my hands.

Kia was very generous with samples and extras, so let's she what she sent!
(Thank you, Kia!!)
Pink Sugar - 'A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam on a dry down of musk.'

 I received these two tiny heart tarts in Pink Sugar scent.  I think everyone is familiar with the Pink Sugar scent by now, right?  It's along the lines of that Candied Figs scent, now that I sniff this.  There is fruitiness and some sweetness, with the musky perfume note, and somehow it comes across as a 'dark' perfume.  These hearts are tiny, only  a combined weight of .5 oz., but I'll melt them and see how they perform.

Frosted Lime Cupcake - 'Persian lime and lemon zests with middle notes of meringue rounded off on a base of royal vanilla icing and moist creamed cake.'

There isn't actually a scent on the label but going by the colors and what looks like a lime embed, I'm guessing this is indeed Frosted Lime Cupcake.  This is much bigger than the normal samples.  I think this might the size of her mini loaf bars.  Awful darn generous for a freebie!  Thank you again, Kia!  I do get a slight hint of cake note, with a nice lemon-lime note.  Reminds me of 7Up without the fizz.  This is a nice bright and happy scent.  Might hang onto this for spring.

Cider Barrel - 'Apple cider with a kick! A delicious plethora of crisp autumn apples simmered to perfection with spicy notes of cinnamon, cloves & brown sugar & caramel.'

This is sort of the Petals signature soap.  If I remember correctly, it is a custom blend that Kia created, not just some generic apple cider fragrance oil.  I'm not a huge fan of cider scents.  This one is nice though.  It doesn't have so much of that 'cider' note.

Phantom - 'A wickedly sensual blending of purple plums and sweet citrus leaf entwined with dark woods on a base of warm vanilla.'
Another sample, this is Phantom.  I considered ordering this because plums and vanilla had me thinking it might be a dupe of Dark Kiss or something from Bath & Body Works.  In the end though, when it became a rush to checkout because things were selling out, I skipped this.  Kinda glad I did.  It's a little too 'powdery' perfumey for me.  Definitely not was I was thinking or or hoping it would be.  Oh well, that's why we get samples . . . to try new scents.

Candy Rocks - 'A juicy blend of sugared berries with a tangy splash of citrus and an icy blast of peppermint candy.'

And the last of my free samples.  I think I had considered ordering this one too because of that mention of peppermint.  Again, glad I didn't.  It's not a bad scent, but I don't get much peppermint, if any.  I mainly just get the sugared berries notes.

That is my Petals Bath Boutique order from the Fall Release.  I'm really hoping I like the body custard because I'd like to go back and get more, maybe see if I can get an unscented one too.  I'm definitely going to keep my eye on the site as winter approaches, see what kinds of scents she has for that.
Have you tried Petals Bath Boutique?  Do you have a favorite Petals scent or product?


  1. I enjoy Petals! I loved Pirate's Cove. She was very generous! That mini loaf soap sounds energizing. Also, your fig custard sounds like something I need to try. I have to finish my Alchemic Muse body whip first.

    1. I'm taking my enthusiasm for the fig scent down a notch. I do still like it a lot but I'm finding it might be a bit too rich for me to be smelling all the time. I tried it on my hands this morning and now whenever my hands are near my face, the scent is a bit too much.


  2. Fun haul. I just looked at some of your old favorites, Valhalla and Moeggenborg Sugar Bush (love that name) to see what they have up these days.

    Btw, did you come across "newslettergate" at HoG on facebook? They did a stealth Fall pt. 2 release (sans newsletter or official FB post, only mentioning in comments) because of their already high sales volume. I'm not sure how not telling people makes a difference except to give people a bad taste in their mouth, kinda strange. A friend of mine decided not to go back.

    1. I haven't ordered from Valhalla or Moeggenborg in ages. Or Haus of Gloi either. I'd like to though! From all three.

      I did not see any of that with HoG. I don't really follow them these days, just sort of pop over to the site when I'm bored or curious.