Friday, September 5, 2014

Melted - Kim's Tarts / Leaves

Leaves - (B&BW dupe) 'Rich autumn notes of fresh ground cinnamon generously sprinkled over tasty dried apple peel. Allspice, fresh clove bud, and drips of Vermont maple complete this festive aroma.'

 To me, this is one of those generic type fall blends.  Ya know those generic Christmas scents that come in all sorts of names and descriptions but end up smelling like the same craft store at Christmas?  There are some fall scents like that, and this is one.  I do like this one though.  There is the usual sort of juicy spice note that lurks in many fall scents.  You don't really recognize the apples as apples, just as something sort of sweet in the blend.  You don't really get a distinct maple note, nothing that makes you think of breakfast or pancakes.  The spice is not harsh or sharp.  But together, they all work together to make a nice fall blend.  This one does come across as more of an outdoorsy scent than my previous melt, Autumn Wreath.

I melted one of these tarts in my tea light warmer and had a healthy medium-strong scent.


  1. I remember when B&BW's leaves went through it's popularity (before Sweater Weather and PPW). I remember really enjoying it but always wanted it to be a little less 'craft store' as you put it perfectly.

    1. It is a nice fall scent. I've never had a chance to sniff Sweater Weather, or any of the B&BW candles for years now. I just never go there. *sigh*