Monday, September 29, 2014

Melted - Kim's Tarts / Pumpkin Marshmallow

Pumpkin Marshmallow - 'Cardamom, cinnamon, marshmallow, cooked pumpkin, Madagascar vanilla, buttermilk, caramel glaze, and a hint of graham cracker.'

One of these days I'll learn to just stop ordering Pumpkin Marshmallow scents.  I don't think I've liked any, and I've tried them from different vendors.  This one had so many yummy sounding things in the description though, so I must have thought it would be different.  Nope.  This one has that mysterious note that kills this scent every time for me.  It's sort of a harsh or bitter note.  It's not something wrong with this tart specifically because I keep finding this particular scent note in the Pumpkin Marshmallow scents that I try.  This is definitely not a sweet, creamy, warm bakery scent like I'd hoped for.

At least not to me.

I started melting this in my tea light warmer but did not let it go very long, maybe 30 minutes at most.  The scent was strong, so it's good that this would have performed well, just too bad it was a scent I couldn't tolerate.


  1. I always want to love pumpkin marshmallow too but rarely do. Interesting. Glad you busted out some pumpkins! Makes me feel better :-) even though I know it was a last resort for you. I think I have a tiny Hangul of apples after this basket.

    1. Like a dufus, it never occurred to me to melt some of my non-fall stuff and delay the pumpkins a bit longer. Duh me.

      I think there has only been one Pumpkin Marshmallow that I've liked and I think it might have been from Front Porch.