Thursday, October 16, 2014

Glade 2014 Winter Scents

I stumbled across a display of Glade's winter scent products this morning.  At first I was ridiculously excited because I've anxious to see what they'd have this year, but then I was kinda bummed when I saw that three of the four might be repeats from last year.  Of course when I got home I had to check the Glade site to see if these four were really the whole line.  Not only was I excited to see that there are actually eight scents, but also that some of them sound pretty darn interesting!

So let's take a look at the 2014 Glade winter lineup.

(Pics and scent descriptions from the Glade website.)

Apple Cinnamon Cheer - 'Nothing warms the soul quite like the inviting scent of hot apple cider, vanilla and cream. Add a hint of nutmeg and clove for a fragrance with just the right amount of holiday spirit.'
  • apple cider, mixed fruits, berries
  • nutmeg, cinnamon, clove
  • vanilla, cream, woods
(This is a repeat from last year.  Same name, description, and notes.)

Sparkling Spruce - 'The crisp fragrance of fresh-cut pine needles, eucalyptus and fir join hints of lavender and cedar for a scent as magical as a thousand twinkling lights.'
  • green pine needle
  • green pine needle, spruce, eucalyptus, lavender, cedar leaf, fir blossom
  • fir balsam, cypress, cedar, patchouli
(This is also a repeat from last year.  Same name, description, and notes.)

 Frosted Cookie Party - 'Treat your inner child to the uplifting scent of layered cake, vanilla bean and toasted marshmallows. Top with hints of whipped icing and spice for a fresh-baked fragrance you’re sure to love.'

  • vanilla bean, whipped icing
  • toasted marshmallow
  • layered cake, spice
 (This appears to be their everyday scent known as Pure Vanilla Joy, but I noticed apple has been removed from the scent notes.)

Merry Citrus Melody - 'The treats table overflows with scents of sparkling mandarin and candied apples, while faint hints of frankincense and myrrh fill the background of this splendid holiday blend.'

  • mandarin, aldehyde snowflakes, candy apple
  • red clove, musk, fruits
  • golden amber, frankincense, myrrh
(New this year.  I took a quick sniff and noted slightly zesty citrus.  Seeing all the other notes, I'll have to get it better sniff next time.)

 Gingerbread Jingle - 'Open the oven and let the aromas of nutmeg, cinnamon and fresh gingerbread dance through your kitchen. The sweet home-baked treats of the holidays are here, and you’re ready to indulge and to share.'
  •  candied ginger, nutmeg, black cardamom
  • cinnamon, marzipan, hazelnut
  • brown sugar, gingerbread, warm molasses
(The name is the same as one they had last year but the description and scent are different.  It also says 'limited retailers' on the website so this might be a Target exclusive.  Or maybe a Dollar Store exclusive again, since that's where it was last year.  Also, this is only available in candle form, according to the website.)
***Dec. 4 - UPDATE*** I emailed the Glade folks and they have confirmed that this is a Dollar General exclusive.

 Mocha & Chestnuts - 'A rich mocha fragrance blends beautifully with caramel toffee and holiday spice, as the aroma of roasted nuts and bread pudding mingles with bustling market crowds. A true holiday delight.'

  • mocha, cardamom, buttermilk
  • caramel toffee, almond, nutmeg, gingerbread
  • powdered sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, bread pudding
(Another 'limited retailer' one, this is also new this year.)

 Under The Mistletoe - 'Bright, fresh red fruit notes energize your tour of winter wonders, while berries, aromatic woods and evergreen garland provide the perfect holiday base.'

  • sugared strawberries, cherry, pink grapefruit
  • gooseberry, cranberry, raspberry
  • fir balsom, cedarwood, garland greens
(New this year, another 'limited retailer' one.)

 Hot Cocoa & Mint - 'Top notes of mint create a cool, wintry sensation to start. Rich, warm cocoa notes wait to welcome you with a layer of sweet marshmallow, stirred and served with a candy cane.'
  • peppermint, crisp ozone, spearmint
  • cocoa, pine, marshmallow
  • dark chocolate, coconut, sugar, candy cane
(New this year, a 'limited retailer' one.)
UPDATE - I saw this at Walmart today, and it is a Walmart exclusive.

What do you think?  See any you think you'll be hunting for?  I think I'm most excited about the Hot Cocoa & Mint.  I will gather my coupons (there are always some online for Glade) and I will be grabbing several of these scents.

If you see any of the 'limited retailer' ones anywhere, could you leave a comment here and let me know where you spotted them?  Thanks!

Oh yeah, I have the candles pictured here but most of the scents are available in wax melt form and all the other products (like sprays and oils).


  1. Nice! I'm excited to see this! I think I'll be looking for Hot Cocoa & Mint too.

    1. I just looked through my coupon site and for once there are NO Glade coupons! They always have some! Go figure. Oh well, maybe Walmart won't have these yet anyway. I'm definitely looking though when I get groceries tomorrow.


  2. BAH, yeah, there are always some. Boo. I'll let you know if I end up finding any.

  3. Wow, those sound interesting! I've just used up my Sage & Market Market candle, and am steadily working though the Woodside Library tarts. It's finally getting cool enough here to break out the spicier pumpkin scents, too.

    1. My son bought a pack of the Woodside Library tarts for his room. I was surprised! It might be too strong though, because we could smell it all the way downstairs.

      I saw the spruce, apple, cookie, citrus, and mint scents at Walmart today. The mint one is a Walmart exclusive. I'll have to start checking Target to see if the others are there, because it's the mint and the other three not mentioned that I really want.


    2. I saw the mocha and Chestnut at dollar general and bought it. I was told it is exclusive to there. Also I saw a picture that led me to believe the mistletoe son is a target exclusive. I really want to find gingerbread this year!

    3. Awesome. Thanks for the info! I checked Walmart again but for the mint one, they don't have it (yet?) in tart or candle form. Booooo!


  4. We don't seem to have Dollar General stores around here (WA State). I would love to get them all, not sure if I will be able to.

    1. That gingerbread one is still the only one I haven't seen yet. I haven't been back to check Dollar General, but I'm thinking that's where it's hiding.

      Have you gotten the other ones?


    2. I was at Dollar General a week ago and they didn't have it. :-/ Grr. I wonder if it's at Family Dollar.

    3. I've emailed Glade, asking where to find it. LOL
      (Waiting for a reply from them now.)


    4. Ha, I hope they answer!

      I did see the Mocha & Chestnuts one at Dollar General and it smelled awesome.

    5. They answered today, and it IS a Dollar General exclusive. Not sure if I'll bother to check there again. We're pretty well stocked with candles at the moment.

      I have the Mocha & Chestnuts one. =)


    6. Oh wow! You know, I haven't actually been in the one closest to us--I might have to stop in and take a peek .......

    7. After thinking about it, maybe I do still want to find this. Maybe I'll wander back and have another look.