Thursday, October 16, 2014

Haul - Candles From The Keeping Room

I had not planned on ordering from Candles From The Keeping Room during her recent opening but heck, it's so dang fun to get that bag of freebies!  Waxmaster Carol is probably THE most generous when it comes to including 'samples.'  This order would have been larger if I'd been faster, and more prepared.  The site was only open for a short time and this was all I had in my cart at the time it closed.  Oh well, I shouldn't be ordering more wax anyway.

Caramel Perfect Autumn - 'Rich creamy caramel toffee mixed with creamy sweet vanilla - makes a sweet tempting treat.'
It says this is a Bath & Body Works dupe.  For what, I'm not sure.  Unless it's something they don't have anymore?  Well anyway, when I ordered there was no scent description on the site.  I thought a caramel autumn scent would have to be good so I went for it.  On cold sniff, the scent is kinda light.  It also seems like there is something more than just caramel and vanilla in there.  It's very sweet.  Definitely not a salty caramel type scent.

 Caramelized Banana Cake - 'A blend of our sweet banana, caramelized pralines and a hint of a sweet cake..this is one of our signature scents.'
 I took a chance on this one, hoping it would be like the Banana Caramel Cupcake scents that I've had and loved.  It's been a while since I've had one of those but this does seem to be darn close.  And it is soooo good and strong!  The banana is strong.  Some would poo-poo it as fake and candy-like.  I'm not so picky.  The caramel adds sweetness and a bit of warmth, and there is a nice cake note weaving throughout the overall scent.  Mmm!

Cinnamon Spruce - 'A classic blend of pines and spice opening with notes of stately Northern pine, Douglas fir, and Blue Spruce complemented with notes of spicy cinnamon & clove, rosemary and woody cedar.'
There is a space during the CFTKR checkout process where you can request specific scents for your samples.  You don't have to pick, and I usually don't because it's fun to be surprised.  With this order I think I asked for any Christmas samples she might have.  I was thrilled to find that all five of my freebies are indeed Christmas scents.  And I was super excited when this was the first one I pulled out of the bag.  Cinnamon and spruce?  Have I ever had something like this?  I don't know but it sounds intriguing!  It is an awesome Christmas tree scent, slightly warmed by the cinnamon, but the cinnamon doesn't come through to make it a spicy scent.  This is goooooood, especially since pine scents can get overwhelming for me.

'Tis The Season - 'This scent is composed of boughs of holly, pine and fresh berries..a great holiday scent.'
Another one I think will be great for around Christmas, but sort of having those overwhelming tendencies that I mentioned above.  This is a very bright, almost juicy pine scent.

Christmas Song - [no scent description]
Piney Christmas blend again.  This is like walking into a craft store during the holiday season.  There is something like orange in here, something sweet and juicy.  Another nice one.

Holiday Hodgepodge - 'A cornucopia filled with an array of fresh oranges , spices, cinnamon and hints of clove.'
This one is not at all a Christmas tree scent, but goes to the other side of generic Christmas blends with spiced fruits.  This reminds me of those spice gum drops, but more of the fruitier ones and not the black ones.  This will be a nice change from all the pine and mint scents I have accumulated for the winter.

Deck The Halls - 'Holly and berries, a little spice and a hint of balsam that make this scent a holiday scent.'
While this sounds similar to the others I received (holly, pine, fruit), I absolutely do not like this one.  It is sooo not like the others.  I don't even know how to describe it.  There is a hint of something piney in the very first part that hits your nose but then something perfume-y, almost powdery, races in to shove it out of the way, and then as you pull your nose away from it there is some weird tickle-the-back-of-the-throat after 'taste' completes the downfall.  I can't even pinpoint what it is . . . the holly??  
Do not like!

That is my humble little CFTKR haul.  I don't order from there often, and I don't know when I will again.  They are one of the vendors who open briefly and close, and you need to be part of their Facebook group to catch info on these openings.  I only knew about this opening because I was online at the time and some waxy friends were talking about it.  At least turnaround time is still quick with this one!

Have you ordered any goodies from Candles From The Keeping Room lately?


  1. Why yes I have! :-) great order! Your banana scent sounds yummy. Caramels Perfect Autumn sounds cool too. I have no idea what this is supposed to dupe. Hm. You are right about Deck the Halls having a powdery/perfume note but I like it, weirdo that I am. You got some lovely Christmas scents!

  2. Ah, so I can pawn Deck the Halls off on you then!

    Looking forward to your haul. =)


  3. Excellent haul, Deb, I am glad you at least got that bag of goodies. Seems like you got a lot of interesting samples! Those freebie bags are addicting! I was finally able to order for the first time in over a year and will be hauling shortly! <3