Saturday, October 11, 2014

Haul - Sweet Fixations

For a long time, Sweet Fixations was my favorite wax vendor.  It's been a while since I've ordered from there, what with me getting into Rosegirls and my stash being overfilled from the generosity of my waxy bloggy friends.  Things seem to have changed over at Sweet Fixations in my absence.  I'm not sure what's going on . . . if she's getting crazy popular or if she's scaling back . . . but turnaround time has increased.  It was mentioned on the Facebook page that TAT would be about 15 days.  I waited nearly two months for mine, and when I emailed to ask about it, the response was very generic.  I am one of those people who do not like long TATs and shops that open and close.  If this is the way Sweet Fixations has gone, I probably won't be ordering from there anymore.

There was also a problem with my order and two scents were substituted.  This would probably have been fine if she'd notified me and asked me what I wanted to do about it.  But no, there was no mention.  I found this out when I pulled the invoice out of my package and saw the note attached.  Apparently two scents had gone missing and she replaced them with two of her choice.  Was this done to speed up delivery?  Why wouldn't she have shot me an email or private message and asked me?  Maybe I would have been willing to wait, or had the missing ones sent later?  VERY disappointed in that situation.

So let's look at what I did get.  Despite the problems, I'm still pretty darn excited to have most of these.

 All Hallows Eve- 'Spicy mulled grapefruit with a citrus orange note, and a sweet cinnamon vanilla twist.'
I've never had this one so it's fun to finally have it.  Interesting, sort of a 'moist' scent.  Bright citrus, toned down by the hint of vanilla.  Not a lot of spice, just enough to add some warmth.

 Bobbing for Apples- 'Crunchy toffee chips and apples dripping with buttery caramel.'
I've had this one before, loved it and knew I wanted it again.  It's a really nice caramel apple scent, a little heavier on the sweet, juicy apples.
Apple Harvest- 'Apple mixed with fruity notes and touches of spice.'
I've had this one too.  Excellent fall scent, gentle spiced cider notes.
 Harvest- 'Cinnamon bark and clove bud on a dry down of musk. (Yankee Type)'
Another repurchase, a nice spicy musky scent that I wanted to try again because the one I had last year seemed light.  Hopefully this one is stronger.
 Trick or Treat- 'Great Halloween scent of pumpkin, apples, berries, orange and cinnamon. With notes of sugar cane and vanilla.'
Had this one before and loved it.  Loved the one I had from another vendor recently, and am glad to have it again.  Sort of a sweet pumpkin scent.
 Hayride- 'Fresh hay with notes of sweet balsam combined with cedarwood. Simply that fresh outdoor country air aroma.'
My first time trying this and I'm not really sure why I picked it because this type of scent usually isn't for me.  Maybe I was just trying to add some fall variety?  Not sure what to think on cold sniff.  It's light, but what I am getting is the hay, and the sort of dust note that comes with it, or maybe like sawdust.

Cozy Home- 'Housewarming spices with slices of juicy apples. Perfect for fall!'
Had this before and my notes about it say 'AWESOME!'  Well then, better get more, huh?  To me it smell like more than just spice and apples.  There is an almost bakery note to it.  Love it!
 Cranberry Orange Spice- 'Tart cranberries, orange zests, and spiced apples.'
Have had this one too and noted it as a 'holiday mood setter.'  Ohh my gooshness, I just love this one.  There is tartness, and juiciness, and spice, and warmth.  This one will be melting on Thanksgiving Day.
 Pumpkin Patch- 'Sweet and creamy pumpkin pie with butter, pecans, and a hint of spice.'
 Another that I've already and loved.  An excellent pumpkin scent, without much spice.
 Pumpkin Souffle- 'Butter, sugar, spices, vanilla cream and pumpkin.'
  Repurchase.  This is a much heavier, richer pumpkin scent.  Much more bakery type than Pumpkin Patch.

Sweet Potato Pie- 'The delicious aroma of candied yams, melted marshmallows, sugar and spice on a buttery crunchy crust.'
This became an instant favorite and an absolute fall must-have when I first had it three (four?) years ago.  Although the cranberry-orange one is battling for Thanksgiving Day supremacy now, it is still a tradition to have this one.

Sugar & Spice- 'A sweet, strong cinnamon mixed with holiday fruits and spice.'
This is one of the replacement scents that was included.  I had not ever tried this one.  Looks like a Christmas tart but I think it would be okay for fall too, maybe late fall.  Definitely a cinnamon scent.  Mixed with the fruit notes (smells like orange in there), it's almost like a spiced punch drink.
 Blackberry Pie- 'Buttery crust bursting with juicy wild blackberries with sugar, vanilla, and a touch of spice.'
This is the other replacement scent.  I have not had this before.  It's not a bad scent, but I don't think I'd ever have picked it if given the chance.  It's a dark berry scent, almost with a bit of tartness, and soft bakery notes in the backgound.

Gingerbread- 'Richly spiced gingerbread, nutmeg, and clove with just the right hint of sweetness.'
This was a freebie in my order.  I'm not too sure about this though.  I've had Gingerbread from Sweet Fixations before but I don't remember if it was blue.  And why would it be blue?  I don't know if the color is throwing me, but it doesn't really smell like gingerbread either.  It also looks like it has seen better days.  I'm not sure what to make of this one.
 Cherry Melons - (SF Blend) - 'Watermelon and Cherry! Super sweet blend!'
Another freebie, this is about as far away from a fall scent as you can get.  It's super yummy though!  Very bright and fruity and sweet.  The cherry and watermelon are battling in this one.  Sniff it once, you think it's cherry.  Sniff it again, you think it's watermelon.  This one will be put away for summer.
Raspberry Macaroon- 'Toasted coconut, caramelized sugar, and raspberry.'
And finally, this free sample. It took me forever to figure out that this is probably a finger shape. The details are all smoothed over. I have had this scent before but I'm glad to have it again because last time I loved it but found it to be too light. Hopefully this time it's strong.

And that is my order.  I really hope things settle down and turn back around for Sweet Fixations.  I don't want to stop ordering from there but I also have no patience for sporadic ordering opportunities and ridiculously long turnaround times.  I will enjoy these tarts that I have and we'll see what happens down the road.


  1. I hope these throw well and satisfy your fall and holiday fragrance needs. That does stink that two you ordered were randomly replaced. :-/ Aunt Smellman did that to me with quite a few scents and I was not pleased. Those Halloween tarts sound fun! Hayride, dusty hay? Different :-)

    1. I'm looking forward to melting these. My large Kim's order is boring me because too many pumpkin scents all start to seem the same after a while. *Hopefully* next fall I can rein myself in and just order some absolute favorites.


  2. Yikes--I'm glad these showed up in time to still melt them for fall/Thanksgiving.

    1. I was starting to worry about that. Glad I have some apple scents again to break up the pumpkin monotony.


  3. Sweet Fixations was one of the first vendors I ordered from back in February of this year when I first got into vendor wax. I didn't have any luck with good throw in my warmers, though. I didn't try in a tealight warmer, though, and lately I've found tealight warmers perform awesome. I might need to place a second order and give them another shot in my tealight warmers! :)

    1. I've had iffy luck in the past with throw on SF tarts, but I get that with any vendor. From this particular haul, I've been having great luck so far in my Glade hot plate warmer. Three of the four I've melted so far have had nice strong scent and throw. One was a dud, but that was lightly scented to begin with. I've also been lazy and not cut these scent shots in half....just plunk the whole dang thing in the warmer.