Monday, October 27, 2014

Influenster - Moda VoxBox

It's been nearly forever since I've received a box from Influenster.  I admit, I'm not nearly active enough in the program but in the past it seemed that it didn't matter how active you were if you weren't pouring all your efforts into Twitter.  I've been seeing things about all these changes happening at Influenster.  I guess maybe they really have changed because out of the blue I got an invitation to qualify for the Moda VoxBox.  I took the pre-qualify survey and didn't think much of it.  Imagine my surprise when I got an email saying I'd be getting the box!

I was a little worried when I read online that this was a beauty and fashion box.  Why was *I* getting such a box?  My profile and badges don't lean that way.  I was relieved to see it's a variety of things, many of which I actually will use.

Of course you get the usual info card about the box, and there are some coupons too.

 This is Puff's softpack of tissues.  It is the basic tissue, no aloe or lotion or anything fancy.  There are 132 tissues.  The package is a thin, flexible, vinyl type material, and the info card says it holds up better than an ordinary cardboard box.  I don't see how, but okay.  I like the color and the polka dot design, but I think the 'look' of it is a bit messy.  It makes me think it's a refill pack, meant to be torn open and placed in a container.  I do kinda like the squishy package though.  For a kids room or for traveling or something, this might be great.  And since we're coming into colds and sniffles season, these will come in handy.
(Info card says these retail for $1.99-$2.49.)

Clairol's Hair Food is a product line I am not familiar with.  This instantly had me curious though because I'm weirdly drawn to foodie bath and body products.  This one is a 'moisture hair mask infused with honey apricot fragrance.'  Mask?  I'm sooo not a fancy hair product girl.  I use 2-in-1 products, just wash and go.  This sounds like a conditioner . . . ?  It's very thick.  It has a pleasant enough scent though.  Sure, I'll give it a try.  And looking at the other products on the coupon card, it looks like there is a shampoo I need to check out too.
(Info card says this retails for $14.99.)

Love me some cocoa!  And it's just about cocoa season too!  I've already been dropping hints to family members that flavored cocoas are an easy Christmas gift for me.  This was a very exciting find in this Influenster box.  This sounds like a back to basics cocoa, just five simple ingredients.  The coupon card shows there is also a dark chocolate flavor.  Yum!  I will absolutely be using this.
(Info card says this retails for $2.29 a box.)

I really need to find a good hand lotion.  I've gone through a few lately that I thought I liked but then found they weren't really working for me after all.  This was a welcome find in the box.  It does have parabens in it, which is a no-no, and I don't like that it's higher on the ingredients list than others that usually have it listed nearly last, BUT . . . I'm also wondering just how bad those taboo parabens really are.  Once again, is more damage being done in stressing about parabens than the size of the threat they actually are?  Regardless, I will be trying this little guy (3 oz.) out and see how it works for me.  It says it's 'perfect for hands' and it's Ultra Healing formula.  Yep, gonna try it out!
(Info card says this retails for $5.99/$6.99.)

I was really happy to see this in the box.  It's a 23.7 oz. bottle of Resource - Natural Spring Water.  Hubby and I are *trying* to quit drinking so much soda, so this is definitely going to be consumed.  I don't pay much attention to these fancy waters.  I'm not familiar with the Resource brand.  It says there are 'naturally occurring electrolytes' in here.  Is this like Gatorade?  Or just water?  I'll have to try and see, huh?
(Info card says this retails for $1.49.)

Ah yes, now the beauty items . . .   I did laugh when I pulled this out of the box, because I just do not use any kind of makeup.  This is Rimmel London's Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves Mascara.  It is in the color #003 Extreme Black.
(Info card says this retails for $5.49-$5.99.)

Another Rimmel London product, this is the Moisture Renew Lip Liner.  It says it is a 'Universal transparent lipliner.'  As mentioned, I do not use such products, so I'm clueless and don't understand the point of a *transparent* lip liner.  Someone please enlighten me.
(Info card says this retails for $5.99-$6.49.)

And finally, to go with your transparent lip liner, here is Rimmel London's Moisture Renew lipstick in color #360 As You Want Victoria.  It's a really nice color, a deep, bright red with a sort of purple or wine tone to it.  It's not just red.  
(Info card says this retails for $6.99-$7.49.)

And that is my Moda VoxBox, the first box I've received from Influenster in quite some time.  If you are not familiar with Influenster and think you might be interested, I encourage you to check out the site.  It is a completely free program.  You register, fill out your profile and earn badges by doing various social media things like linking your Facebook account, or posting things on Twitter, etc.  There are a variety of badges, in different areas like pet lovers, beauty gurus, foodie, travelers, and so on.  If you are selected for a box, you agree to post about the items and spread the word through social media.  The more active you are online, the easier this program is.  And it's all free!  Look at the value of the items in this box!

(These items were sent to me, for free, from Influenster to be tried and reviewed.  All opinions are my own.)


  1. I laughed when I saw the transparent lip liner. Maybe it tells the lipstick not to go any further? I am curious also.

    1. I read the info card a little more thoroughly after posting this, and it says it keeps the lip color from feathering. Well, alright then. I don't wear lip color so I have no experience with such problems. lol