Monday, October 27, 2014

Melted - Better Homes & Gardens / Pumpkin Ginger Cookie

Pumpkin Ginger Cookie
I didn't realize I'd never taken a pic of this until I already had the last cubes in the warmer and was preparing for this post.  Doh!  

So anyway, I went through a ton of pumpkin scents in the early part of October and sort of got sick of them.  They were all starting to smell the same.  I took a break, melted other scents, and now decided to try pumpkin.  This was a really nice, warm, bakery scent.  Very cozy.  It's more of a softly spiced cookie scent, with hints of pumpkin, instead of being a pumpkin scent.  At time I thought I was getting tiny hints of lemon too.  The spice is not at all strong or sharp, so spice haters have nothing to fear.

I was a little disappointed in the strength of this scent.  I melted two cubes at a time, in my tea light warmers and my Glade hot plate warmer, at different times, and had medium scent.  This is surprising to me because usually I have complete faith in the strength and longevity of the BH&G tarts.  This was still a really nice scent though, just on a lighter, more subtly inviting way.


  1. I like the sound of this one. Not your average pumpkin scent. Sorry it wasn't as strong as you had expected.

  2. My fall stash might actually run out before Thanksgiving gets here, so I might grab another pack of this scent if I see more, just to fill in November gaps.