Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rosegirls Store Haul

I paid the Rosegirls store a visit today.  I've had some credit waiting to be used up and it was really starting to nag at the back of my brain so I decided I'd go now and finally use it.  I didn't give my waxy friends much advance notice this time.  I'd considered not even telling them!  But then I thought nah, maybe they're itching for something in particular that I could pick up for them.  So while I did end up going with a small list for other people, my main goal was to get MY stuff.  *evil giggle*

The store was quite well stocked today.  There has been some trouble recently, with personal shoppers constantly buying so much that there is nothing left for locals.  I think that absolutely sucks, but that is a whole 'nother rant.  Anyway, today was quite well stocked but the scents I really wanted still were not there.  I debated just using part of my credit and trying again next time.  I wondered if Jenny would have found that annoying though, so I just went ahead and picked things to use it up today.

And what did I end up getting?

Watermelon Peppermint Smoothie
Grabbed this sucker as soon as I saw it, which was pretty much as soon as I walked into the store.  We had this in our first round of Muffin Club and I loved it.  I think I got a chunk of it in my sampler order, but now I have a whole bag.  This is a blend of watermelon and Snowflake.  It's a softly sweet peppermint scent with just a hint of watermelon.
Dunk My Donut Cuppa Cake Noel
I think I got this for a waxy friend last time I went shopping for them, and I think I loved it when I sniffed hers.  Two of the people I was shopping for today wanted a bag of this so when I saw a whole row of it, I grabbed one for myself too.  It's bakery, with a bit of spicy kick.

Windmill Cookies
Pretty sure I got this for a waxy friend last time too.  Because I wasn't finding a whole lot of scents I really wanted today, I grabbed a back of this.  It's a nice, crisp almond scent, like extract.

Bananas Foster Ooey Gooey Caramel Waffle Cone
I kept coming back to this one while trying to pick things for myself.  I love Banana Caramel Cupcake scents, and I've had and loved Bananas Foster scent from another vendor, so I figured why not.  That waffle cone note does come through, like a nice bakery bed for the sweet and gooey caramel-bananas.  Yum!

Cinnamon Glazed Oranged
I had a chunk of this earlier this fall and once I'd melted I seem to remember thinking it would be a better Christmas scent than a fall scent.  So I went ahead and got this.  Just like the name implies, it's a spiced orange scent.

Blueberry Buckle Cake
There were two berry/cake scents that I kept re-sniffing and I ended up getting this one.  It's a nice, creamy blueberry bakery scent.  It's not like a blueberry muffin scent.  It's creamier and sweeter than that.

Wacky Candy Doodle
I asked Jenny what was in this and now I absolutely can't remember anything except maybe Cotton Candy Frosting.  Oh oh oh, sniffing it, I think I remember her saying Monster Cookie.  But what is the other thing?  I can't remember!  The third ingredient is sort of fruity, maybe berry something.  The scent as whole is more of a sweet Monster Cookie.
**UPDATE** Kathy says 'This blend is our Salted Caramel Type and Cotton Candy Frosting chunks over poured with our Wackadoodle scent.'
Bird of Paradise Raspberry Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream
I saw this lonely little muffin sitting in the carousel rack over in the corner and decided to get it mainly because these muffins are usually unique blends.  Whoever placed an order with this blend, I'm letting you know they must have finished it.  LOL!  Another creamy scent, softly fruity, with a coconut kick.  It's almost like a toasted coconut, more than a sweet tropical coconut.  Interesting blend.

There was quite a variety there today.  Several Christmas scents but none really grabbed me.  There were some scents that sounded interesting but when I sniffed them they were kinda blah to me.  There were a lot of things I'm pretty sure my waxy friends would have loved.  I wish it was easier to relay info to them while I'm there.  Is conference calling possible on cellphones?  lol

What Rosegirls scents are YOU itching to get?


  1. Sorry! My phone was acting up!

    I am glad you decided to spill the RG beans! But I understand it would be more enjoyable to stroll about and just shop for yourself. That blueberry buckle scent sounds really yummy. Sorry the Christmas scents were not your style. Hopefully BHG and FP has some soon.

    1. I'm very curious what BH&G will have for Christmas scents but I won't be surprised if I'm disappointed. Last year most seemed to be so similar, that sort of generic Christmas blend.

      I'm still not getting the Front Porch newsletter, which is what is saving me from ordering more.

      My wax stash is getting way out of control again. Gah!!!


  2. It was awesome they had a lot of stock on the shelves! Yay! :)

    Watermelon Peppermint Smoothie is amaaaazing, you picked an awesome blend for us that round! I will be interested in how you like the windmill cookies again since getting it for someone else! Bird of Paradise Raspberry Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream is an extremely interesting blend, that Bird of Paradise scent is really strong while melting, at least in my experience. Wacky Candy Doodle, is that a locals only blend or something she will be making long term, it sounds delicious! Enjoy Cinnamon Glazed Oranged, it's a good one! Excellent haul. You could always Skype call with your waxy pals, Facebook might even offer something like that.

  3. Wacky Candy Doodle .... A lot of them in the store that are pipped hearts or little pies are usually things Kathy has been playing around with. Jenny said she'd just picked up a lot of the scents stocked that day from her mom, and I did see most of those over on Kathy's eBay page.