Friday, November 14, 2014

Haul - Yankee Candle / Votives

I placed my first Yankee Candle order only a few short weeks ago, and even then I knew I wanted to order again when the next dollar sale came around.  Well that happened this past weekend when they had their Veterans Day Sale.
I might have gone a little crazy on votives.  There was a limit of 30 at this sale price.  I got 29.  This isn't really as bad as it might look.  The majority of these are doubles so we can have two at a time burning.  We've really been getting into votives and nice little votive holders lately.  I need to keep my eyes open for some nice Christmas ones.  The ones we currently have are old and kinda blah.

So anyway, let me show you what I got this time.

Christmas Wreath - 'The fragrance of fresh-cut boughs and branches of pine, balsam, and hollyberry makes your home warm, inviting, and festive.' 
A subdued pine scent.  This is good, like you can almost sense the sap from those fresh-cut boughs.
Mistletoe - 'We combined the woody scents of mistletoe, berries, pine boughs, and holly to create a memorable blend that's just right for the season.'
Another soft pine scent, with a hint of sweetness.  I think I like Christmas Wreath better.
White Christmas - 'There's a quiet holiday beauty in this blend of woodsy evergreens and cool, freshly fallen snow.'
Hints of pine but with a strong 'outdoor' note, whatever it is that makes up that sort of ozone scent.  Almost hints at being powdery and perfume-y, but still a nice scent.
Sparkling Snow - 'The crisp, naturally fresh scent of gleaming, snow-covered pines with hints of patchouli and fruit.' 
I'm not a huge patchouli fan but I was intrigued, wondering how they'd make that into a Christmas scent.  If I didn't know it was in here, I'd never guess it.  Soft pine note, something almost spicy, and that 'outdoor' scent again.  Is patchouli the secret ingredient to 'outdoor' scents?!
North Pole - 'A sweet blend of icy cool mint and sugary rich vanilla cream.' 
Vanilla mint?  Yes, please!  ScentyMyWay, on YouTube, ranked North Pole, Jack Frost, and one other on how strong the mint vs. vanilla was in each.  I can't remember where she placed this one.  It might have been the one strong on vanilla, because the mint is soft in here.  I like this, and my mint-disliking menfolk might even be able to tolerate it.

Home For The Holidays - 'The holiday spices of cinnamon and clove, mixed with earthy cedarwood and balsam.' 
I don't think I like this one.  Bleah.  It's very woody, must be that cedarwood.  I don't get a lot of spice.  It comes across perfume-y in a weird way.
Bay Leaf Wreath - 'An aromaticblend of bay leaves, orange, and cedarwood.' 
This one is not a favorite either.  Cologne comes to mind, but then when I sniff again I think it's greenery.  Another bleah.
Holiday Garland - 'The season comes to life in this lush holiday aroma of fresh-cut pine boughs and zesty cranberries.' 
I'm not getting much on cold sniff.  Pine is there but that's about all I get at the moment.  Hope those zesty cranberries come out when we burn this.
Cherries On Snow - 'An enchanted, sparkling blend of bright, juicy cherries with sweet almonds and an icy freshness.' 
I've had this scent before.  Our 'adopted third son' (Ty's friend Matt) got me a candle in this scent a couple years ago for Christmas.  A really nice, sweet cherry scent.  Reminds me of those Luden's cherry throat drops that we used to suck on like candy when we were kids.
Red Apple Wreath - 'This inviting blend with the merry aroma of sweet apples, cinnamon, walnuts and maple sets the stage for a heartwarming homecoming.' 
I usually prefer apple scents for fall but the addition of walnuts and maple had me curious about this one.  I really do like this scent but yes, it does make me think of fall.  I'm mainly getting a spiced apple scent on cold sniff.  That's okay since it's still fall, and I don't start Christmas scents until the day after Thanksgiving.
Christmas Eve - 'The traditional holiday scents of a warm hearth, sugared plums, and candied fruits are the perfect accompaniment to one of the most joyous evenings of the year.' 
This one is very candy-like, sugary sweet, but still somehow manages to have the slightest hint of warmth.  I don't get a smoky note, like you might think the hearth part of this would be.  Not sure how I feel about this one yet.
Gingerbread - 'The aroma of spicy warm gingerbread rich with nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar...'
 And of course I had to get Gingerbread since Better Homes & Gardens failed epically this year when they didn't include it in their Christmas scents.  This one is a warm, spicy, bakery scent but I'm getting a bit of plastic-y note at the moment.  Hopefully that's just coming from the wrapper and will disappear when we burn this.
I also got repeats of the five new Christmas scents that I'd gotten in my first order.  Those are Angel's Wings, Winter Garden, Luscious Plum, Magical Frosted Forest, and Candy Cane Lane.  Descriptions and my thoughts on these can be found [ HERE ].  I'm kinda kicking myself again for not getting more of the Candy Cane Lane, in a larger form perhaps, because I love that scent.  Well, at least on cold sniff so far.  But hey, since Yankee delivers pretty darn fast, I still have time to place another order before the Christmas season.  Hehe!

I think I asked this in my last Yankee post but I'll go ahead and ask it again.  What are some of your favorite Yankee holiday scents?  And do you have any experience with their scented tea lights?  Is the scent pretty strong from those, or no?


  1. Nice haul!!! My teeny tiny Yankee tea light haul will be up tomorrow. Candy Cane Lane. I need that one. When you burn your votives do you melt wax too or no?

    1. Sometimes I'll melt a tart even with candles going. If I know the tart is going to be strong enough to overpower the candle in the other room, I'll hold off. I think with these though, I won't melt anything just so we can see how strong they are and what their true scents are.


  2. I love their packaging! That's almost incentive enough for me to pull the trigger but I just can't get into Yankee for some reason.
    I do love the idea of votives --what's your average burn time with them? Sometimes getting through a larger jar size candle feels like a chore but with votives I can see that being a refreshing solution.

    1. That's why we love the votives, because we get through them fast and it feels like we're accomplishing something. Also a good way to try a bunch of scents. We usually burn through them in two evenings. I also like that we can scatter them throughout the room for a nice look and a boost in scent.

      I've never had any luck with Yankee tarts. I don't think we've ever bought one of their larger candles. I just can't see spending that kind of money. Hopefully these will have some decent enough scent strength.

      Have you seen their Scenterpiece system? I'm curious about that and might ask Santa for one.


  3. Excellent haul! Love their labels but sometimes, their votives don't throw very well. I hope you have good luck with everything. The Scenterpiece system is very, very intriguing and I sort of want to get one! Hopefully Santa brings you one!

    1. We've always had pretty good luck with the votives. Even if I melt them as tarts, they still perform a bajillion times better than Yankee's actual tarts.

      I'm hoping to go to the outlet store near me before Christmas and hopefully they'll have the Scenterpiece systems there so I can check them out better.