Sunday, November 2, 2014

Haul - Yankee Candles

I'm still a bit of a Yankee Candle noob.  We do have a Yankee outlet store near me that hubby and I like to pop into once in a while.  No 'real' Yankee store near us though.  Usually I'm okay with that because we don't really like huge candles (takes us forever to get through them) and Yankee prices often scare me.  Lately though, not sure why, I've been having a change of heart about a lot of things, and I've also been leaning towards candles lately after so many years of being a tart junkie.  I've never had luck with Yankee's tarts, so the votives have become our main format.  When I got a Yankee email recently about the new Christmas scents, I decided to go ahead and place my very first Yankee Candle order.

I love this plastic package they came in!  The picture doesn't really pick it up but it's sturdy clear plastic, sort of egg crate-like, to hole 12 votives.  There is also and attached lid that snaps closed.  I'm going to keep this thing as a way to store our votives, now that we're buying more of them.

So what did I get in my first little order?

Candy Corn - '. . . sweet vanilla fragrance is captured affectionately in this richly colored candle.'
I'd also seen in an email that the Halloween products were on sale for 50% off (I think?) so I grabbed a couple of those.  I always think that candy corn is a light scent so my first instinct is to just pass it by.  Then I stop and remember that I have had some that are actually quite strong so I went ahead and got this.  On cold sniff it is a really nice, deep vanilla scent, sweet and creamy.
Ghostly Treats - 'The scent of gooey toasted marshmallows . . .'
Marshmallow is another that I tend to think is going to be light, and again I have to remind myself that there are some darn strong marshmallow scents out there.  On cold sniff, this doesn't appear to be one of those strong ones.  I do get a soft, creamy, marshmallow note.  Hopefully it blooms when warm.

Harvest Welcome - 'Cozy up with this inviting combination of farm-fresh pumpkins spiced with just the right amount of brisk autumn air.'
This one was not part of the Halloween sale but it is an online exclusive.  This one is pretty strong on cold sniff.  I think this one was scenting the whole box.  Definitely pumpkin, with a hint of spice, and almost a smokey note to it.  Interesting.

Magical Frosted Forest - 'An enchanted place where icy breezes playfully dance through tall, snow-coated pines.'
This is one of the five new Christmas scents.  Now, pine scents can be overwhelming for me.  I like the occasional sniff of it to keep me in a Christmas mood but too much, too long gets sickening.  Hubby says he loves pine scents so I've been getting more with him in mind.  This one might be okay for me.  There is a hint of pine but other sweet notes keep it in check.  There is an almost ozone type note.  I guess that would be the 'icy breezes,' huh?  This is nice.
Angel's Wings - 'Spirits rise on this beautiful, airy aroma of joyfully sweet spun sugar, heavenly sheer flower petals and divinely smooth vanilla.'
Another of the new Christmas scents, this one is an online exclusive.  I'm not a floral fan, so I took a chance that the spun sugar and vanilla would help save this scent for me.  And they did.  While there isn't really anything Christmas-y about this to me, I really do like this one.  It is sweet, slightly perfume-y.  The vanilla sugar is really there.  The hint of floral brightens it up, yet there is still a bit of creaminess to it.  Innocence comes to mind for some reason when I smell this.  I really like this one.
Luscious Plum - 'Exquisitely rich and festive . . . the scent of sugar-coated plums is a Christmas fantasy come true.' 
This is another of the new Christmas scents.  I'm not getting much right now on cold sniff.  What there is, is a deep dark berry type scent, with a sugared sweetness surrounding it.  Nice, but I'm hoping it's stronger while burning.
Winter Garden - 'Quietly captivating . . . the refreshing scent of lush evergreen branches captured in icy splendor.' 
Another of the new Christmas scents, this is a bit more of a 'moist' pine scent than the Magical Forest one.  The 'icy splendor' in this one seems to be something almost fruity, or juicy.  LOL - sounds dorky, I know.  I think I like this one a little more than the other.
Candy Cane Lane - 'A favorite holiday place where delicious dreams are made, with tingly peppermint, sweet cookies and creamy vanilla icing.' 
The last of the new Christmas scents, and the one I was most excited about.  If you know me, you know I like the foodie scents!  Ohhhhhh, this is gooooood.  There is a rich sugar cookie scent, warm and yummy, with a healthy dose of sweet peppermint mixed in.  It's not a sharp, icy peppermint.  The cookie really softens it up.  I love this one and am considering getting more, maybe a larger size.
I also decided to get this little guy.  He was 50% off in the Halloween section.  This is a 'candle clinger.'
How freakin' cute is that!  
Even though he was in the Halloween section, I think that in this Minion-ruled house it will be cute enough to use all year.

And that is my very first Yankee candle order.  I'm already thinking about placing another order, especially since someone said there is a tart/votive sale coming up this month.  I'd love to know some Christmas favorites that you all enjoy so maybe I can check them out.

Have YOU gotten any Yankee goodies lately?


  1. Minion kitty!! How cool! Nice Yankee haul Deb. Our middle schoolers just had a Yankee candle fundraiser and I bought two packs if tea lights: balsam and cedar and autumn wreath. I am kinda excited to get them and put in all my mercury candle holders.

    1. I'm considering some tea lights in my next order. The cheap Walmart pumpkin spice ones I bought have a horrible burnt wax note. Bleah.

      The little black cat is so dang cute. I need to keep an eye out for any cute Christmas ones.


  2. Yes! I signed up to be called for their friends and family sale and got 6 large jars for 60.00! I hate to pay more than that for a jar so I wait for the big sales. Ones I love the most are: Pumpkin Ginger Bark, Berrylicious, Gingerbread, and. Home for the Holidays. All of those are strong.

    1. I'd never heard of that Friends & Family sale until very recently and I still don't know much about it. Do you get a discount on everything? And is it only at the actual store? I only have an outlet store near me, not a Yankee proper.

      I'll have to check into that Home For The Holidays. Gingerbread sounds like a good one for my next order.


    2. Hi, Deb :) . Yes, I was told that in addition to the 6 jars for 60 sale, other merchandise in the store was 50% off. Not sure if that would work online or not...but maybe something to look into since you don't have a store close? Also, I hear that they sometimes run short 6 for 60 sales apart from the F and F sale. Maybe those would be online?

    3. Hmm, I'll have to check into that. Thanks.


  3. Nice selection of scents, Deb! I'm drooling over your desciption of Candy Cane Lane!! It's tempting me to make a visit to the Yankee website ;)

    and that candle clinger.... tooooo cute!!!

    1. The Yankee dollar sale has begun so I am definitely placing an order this weekend. I'm getting at least one more votive in Candy Cane scent, or maybe a box of tea lights if they have them in that scent. I'm excited!