Saturday, December 13, 2014

Haul - Boston Post Dairy (aka Top of the Hill Sugarbush)

When I ordered that fudge recently, I went back and asked if they made maple fudge and that started a conversation about maple sugar candy.  That place does not make them so back to good ol' Etsy I went.  The fudge lady had also said that if I could find someone who made maple creams, those are delicious.  Well, I'm not sure what sort of creams she was talking about, but I found an Etsy shop that does both the hard candies and a cream type.

Of course I ordered some of each.

I don't know if I've ever had maple sugar candy, to be honest.  A coworker was talking about his parents making them years ago and they just sounded so good.  This bag I ordered is 6 oz., contains 25 cute little maple leaf shaped candies, and sells for $5.99 in the Etsy shop.  I have not tried them yet.  They look like they will dissolve quite quickly, like they are pressed sugar.  I was thinking they'd be more like hard candy, like the sample piece I got that you can see in the first picture.  That one is much harder and has that sort of clear look, like lollipop candy.

The maple chocolates come in a cute plastic container, four to a pack.  They are pretty big, one ounce each.  They are described in the Etsy shop as 'Our Maple Chocolates have a creamy maple filling and are hand dipped in milk chocolate. Each of these delicious chocolates are rolled and dipped in chocolate by hand. The filling is made with our own Vermont Maple Syrup, and maple flavoring to give it that sweet taste.'  This four pack sells for $4.25.  I'm definitely looking forward to trying these.

I mentioned the sample piece of candy I received.  And I've also noticed on the enclosed business card that they also make goat milk soap.  Hmm!  I don't see any of that in the Etsy shop!  Maybe they have a sister shop for that?

Anyway, just wanted to share my random little haul.  Have you found any little goodies lately?


  1. The soft melty fudge like maple candy is the kind I had. So yummy. It has been years. I will have to try this place if you report that they are delicious. Not sure if I would enjoy the chocolate and maple together. Sounds really sweet and different.

    1. Have you ever had those Bun candy bars? There is a maple variety of that and it's my favorite. I think at Easter there is also a maple cream chocolate covered egg that I like. I'm trying to wait till Christmas to try these, but might have to give in and do it sooner.