Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Haul - Moeggenborg Sugar Bush (again)

After my other recent Moeggenborg Sugar Bush haul, I decided the fudge was perfect for small gifts this Christmas, so I went back to the site and ordered several more.

I got another box of the traditional chocolate walnut, to go with the two I already have from my first order.

I got two of the maple walnut fudge.  This was not available the first time I ordered, but I'd talked to owner Mary about it once more and she said they'd be making some for family gifts so she added some to the site as well.  

I also decided to try the peppermint fudge.  This will probably be all mine since my menfolk aren't mint fans.  Maybe I'll take it along to our family get-together on Christmas day.

Mary is awesome at including fun extras and when I saw this I couldn't help a big ol' heartfelt laugh.  You see, when I'd been talking to her about the maple fudge, we'd also talked about maple candy.  She said they didn't make them but if I found someone who did I should see if they also make maple creams.  I did find someone, and that post is already up, so it was such a joy to see that she'd made and included some of these.  Even the little wrappers are festively cute.

Thank you, Mary!!!
(I haven't tried them yet, waiting till Christmas.)

And that is my quick and simple Moeggenborg Sugar Bush haul.  I'm not sure yet who will get gifts of fudge, but it will be fun deciding!


  1. Lucky fudge recipients whom ever they may be. I am liking my MSB order. I need to post it soon. Just so much going on! I bet having the peppermint fudge on your lonesome will be a hardship ;-)

    1. I'm sure I'll struggle through that fudge somehow. =P

      Can't wait to see what you got!