Saturday, December 6, 2014

Melted - Avon / Christmas Pine

Christmas Pine - 'A seasonal Christmas pine scent.'

 Since I posted my little Avon haul, people seem very curious about how these tarts perform.  Apologies for taking so long, but I have finally melted one of these.  The scent itself is a very nice, sort of sweet, pine scent.  It immediately made me think of Christmas trees.  I'm iffy when it comes to pine (evergreen) scents.  They almost always become too much for me.  This one was very nice, but I was lucky in that it didn't perform very well.  Doh!

I melted one of the tarts in my Avon tea light warmer.  Each disk is one ounce, which is my preferred melting amount.  So that was handy.  Early on there was a nice medium strength scent.  I was glad it wasn't too strong because I would have easily gotten sick of it, just because it's pine.  The medium scent quickly settled down to a very light scent, but it spread all over the downstairs of the house.  I like strong scents but, again, since this was pine, I was glad to have this one at such a light, subtle level.  It was just enough to keep a subliminal Christmas mood going.  By the end of the tea light candle though, I wasn't smelling anything.

I would say these Avon tarts are a bummer.  Although I was happy to have the pine scent at a lighter level because I'm not a huge pine fan, I think that as a tart in general it should have been stronger.  And the fact that it faded to nothing within four hours isn't promising.  I was disappointed in their new 3-wick candles last year, and was leery when I ordered these new tarts this year.  But how do we know, if we don't try.  If I decide to use up the rest of this 8-pack, I will use multiple warmers in multiple rooms.  Really though, I think these will get shoved to the back of the stash because I have so many other better tarts to work my way through.

Bummer, Avon.


  1. Yes. Bummer Avon. :-/ sorry they did not perform well (but I guess good in this case?). Are you done trying Abon candles/wax?

    1. I think I'm done, yeah. The only other tart scent they have at the moment is Vanilla Buttercream. Some of the candles were calling to me this year but I resisted the urge and now I'm glad I did. Glad I got the warmer though. =)