Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Melted - Enchanted Candle Co. / Iced Orange Cake

Iced Orange Cake - [no scent description]

Once again, I really wish I had the scent description so I could do a better job of this, but of course the site is closed.  I really liked this scent.  There seemed to be a definite caramel note to it though.  It was a nice, softly sweet bakery scent, with what must have been the orange perking it up a bit.  But there was also a warmth to it, coming from what I thought was caramel.  This was very nice.

I melted this cute little ghost (.7 ounce) in my tea light warmer and had strong scent in the area around the warmer but it didn't seem to carry out much farther than a few feet.  It was okay this time because I was here at my desk anyway, but if I'd been hoping for something to scent more space, this would have disappointed.

(This was a gift.)


  1. The worst thing is when sites shut down and they don't make their scent list and descriptions available. Why not just leave it up somewhere everyone can see it without needing to join *another* damn Facebook group? Ugh.

    Sorry this one was light everywhere else besides the warmer, what a bummer. It's always sad when you give something to someone and it's not as great as you'd hoped! At least you were close by at your desk. :)

    1. Exactly! Close the ordering part of the site but leave the info parts up! People might want to check scents or prices or product options, prep for future orders. *GRR*